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If You're Not Italian, What Made You Love Italy?

Discussion in 'General Discussion About Italy' started by jubjubb, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. I'm not Italian but I love how the country holds on to it's identity and heritage. Yes there are modern areas there but the small villages are the real deal. The food is great as everyone knows and there is a lot of history. The landscape is beautiful having hills, mountains,valleys, and being surrounded by the sea.
  2. Reading more of the posts it seems like the cuisine is certainly one of the most mentioned things that people love about Italy. I wonder though how many people have actually tasted Italian food in Italy or are people just judging it on what they have had in their own countries?

    This is a genuine question aswell by the way, I used to love Italian food, even though I had never actually tasted it in Italy. When I did I loved it even more but it was definitely different.
  3. Haha, you´re right about the food. It´s fabulous! Just yesterday, while I was walking about Deggendorf, I was some tents with "Buongiorno Italia" scripts all over them (I hope I´d spelled it right - if not, please don´t take offence :D) - they were selling some goods from Italy - a lot of food, cookies, bread, pastries... I had tried a few and I was spellbound: Italian food is fantastic! You just can´t dislike it: it charms you :D
  4. I've visited Italy only once to visit a friend of mine a few months ago did not expect it's a great country for this class and I have spent very nice time in this country
  5. I haven't visited Italy yet, but I would love to. In 8th grade, a long time ago, my school-mates were going on a school trip there for 7 days. I happened to be sick around that time-frame, so I couldn't go, and that makes me really sad. It was quite cheap, too, around 150-200€ for 7 days. They visited Rome, Milano, Venezia, Firenze. It's a shame I wasn't there. Anyhow, I'd like to visit Italy but I don't know when. What made me love Italy? I'm not really sure. Around that time I was playing Assassin's Creed 2, and that game is set in Italy. More precisely, in Firenze, Venezia and some parts of Tuscany, and it's such a beautiful world that I immediately fell in love with it. The next game that came out was set in Rome, and I loved that as well. I would love to visit Venezia the most, but I'd love to visit Firenze and Rome, as well, all thanks to a video game.
  6. Definitely my first trip to Italy. I visited Venice and Rome, and it was absolutely stunning. Just walking around Venice was one of the most calming and peaceful things I've ever done. My holiday to Italy was definitely the best and most beautiful holiday I have ever experienced. As well as this, when I first visited Italy, all the Italian people were so nice. I have never met an Italian person who's not nice! I also love the language. It's so fluid and pretty!
    Of course, I also love Italian food. All the different varieties and tastes, how can anybody not like it?
  7. Well, my grandparents on my mothers side were both born in Italy, so I guess part of me just had a natural affinity for the country.

    However, the first time I went there I just fell in love with it. The culture, the history, the architectural beauty, the lovely countryside areas, the food...can I say it again, the FOOOOOOOOOOOD!

    It's just one of those places that really struck a chord with me and has entrenched itself in my heart.
  8. Seven years of Italian classes in middle and high school! I had to choose between Spanish, French, and Italian; everyone took Spanish, and French seemed too difficult, so I chose Italian and was happy I did. The Italian classes had the best trips; to the famous Mama Leone's restaurant and to Ferrara's Bakery in Little Italy.
  9. My family! My parent are obsessed with Italy :). They cook and read cookbooks and did I mentioned cooking? My father could pass as an italian guy, he has personality for that. So, it's kind of came from my childhood I guess.
  10. There is a lot to love about Italy. First of all, the Mediterranean and the ocean, I love the beach and I think Italy is one of the countries with the world with a bigger coastal line proportionally to it's size. Also, the weather is excellent, especially in the south. Finally, the Latin culture and the food complement the geographic advantages, definitely on of my favorite countries in the world.
  11. I will say: not the food. I mean, I love a good lasagna or a nice pepperoni-pizza by the slice (so, bell pepper pizza!), but the food I had in Italy has never been my favorite Mediterranean food. I'd much rather eat Greek. I know -- that is an unpopular opinion, I think! I do love the desserts though.

    What made me love Italy, then? The language. The warmth. The fact that even when I was in a big city like Rome, there were plants and flowers on every windows and balconies I could see. And I think that the fact that cars were parked everywhere, on sidewalks and on forbidden places too, had something charming (though not very environmental, I guess).
  12. Yep, you are putting your neck on the line here Joie :), so you don't appreciate Italian food? I love it, I think it's a really rich cuisine and it's not only about lasagna or pizza, after all we are talking about a country with a lot of fish and seafish culture and that is totally delicious! The language and the weather are pluses too obviously, I like the sonority of the Italian language.


  13. I know, but I never liked fish or seafood. I was also miserable in Japan hahaha! I don't like coffee either and now I'm vegetarian (well, mostly--- I am a pragmatic vegetarian). Not the best candidate for enjoying the calamari or whatever. I did like osso bucco and Italian salami a lot though. And I loved to live there because the quality of the fresh products in markets was amazing, and the meat was good and cheap too. But yeah. The shrimps are not gonna convince me :p
  14. I was just passing by and maybe stayed there for few days top. But i found mesmerizing how warm people are in south, because i was staying there, in south part. I fell in love with olive trees and wine. The oldish look of cities and the smell of the sea that was mixed with smell of some flowers. It was like in a fairytale for me and the girls were all tanned and natural so i really didn't wan to leave that place. I cannot mention everything i liked and loved but since my favourite meals are pastas, stews and soups along with pizzas you can imagine how much fun i had there. The food was more than delicious. But as i like to say if i ate the same food in my dining room at home it wouldn't be that delicious so the view and the setting, with all the music on those small guitars, tamburitzas or what ever the name is, is just unbelievable.
  15. I followed Italian soccer when I was younger. And then I discovered that people there look very good. Italy is amongst the leaders in fashion, so they probably know what the true beauty is. Italian coffee traditions are as amazing as the British tea ones. Italian people, like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Dante, have made a huge contribution to the knowledge and sience areas. And, of course, the language. Even though it may seem to be tough, It's the most beautiful in the world (apart from English).
  16. I first loved Italy because of its medieval towns that are still beautiful to date. Italians are welcoming and they are ready to show you their culture whenever one travels to Italy. Most buildings in Italy have unique designs from what I usually see at home. Italians are also religious and loving, making a unique society that I usually admire.

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