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If You're Not Italian, What Made You Love Italy?

Discussion in 'General Discussion About Italy' started by jubjubb, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. For me, it was the first trip I took to florence and Rome when I was 17 for school. It was just such an enchanting culture, and such a fascinating history. What was it for you?
  2. Well.. I'm not Italian, and yet I love this country a great deal :) Except for the laws and the economy lately :D

    When I first came here, I didn't expect to like it. I came here to work for a few months, and I was supposed to go back home the minute my work contract was over. And if I didn't come here with friends (who had already worked in the same city the year before), I would have probably gone home and made my visit to Italy just a memory.

    But, since my friends have already "explored" the area one year before, they already knew some cool places to visit, they already knew how to make the stay a more pleasant one, rather than job - home - job - home, if you get what I mean :)

    So, on my first stay here in Italy, I visited a few places in the North: I visited Milan, I visited the Castle called "Castell'arquato", visited some small towns we could get to by a short bus ride (there's a big bus station here, there are numerous buses going to all sort of small cities, many prefer the bus to taking the train) and I just loved the experience!

    I loved this area a lot, more than any other place I have visited. It's so pittoresque, so cozy, I felt safe on the small streets (well, can't say the same thing now, but I'm sure crime rates will go down, I already see a lot more policemen at work than before!).

    Oh, and if you're asking why I decided to stay, I fell in love and never looked back :D lol
    It sounds cheesy, but we're still together and I still love Italy. Wish I had more time and money to see more of it, I still have to fall in love with the South :D ahahah
  3. Planning to visit Italy next year. I hope all goes well, economy here is not good either. I only get to see Italy in televisions and watched “La vita bella” once but there’s something about Italy that draws me to it. Perhaps it’s the culture, traditions or the ancient history of the Roman empire. I’m a big fan of ancient empires. The Italians are nice people too, I think they’re one of the friendliest people.
  4. The history is why I love Italy and the strong traditional ethics that are still preserved. It is one of the few places where Sunday in most places is still considered a day off for everyone which I like. It allows real family time, or time to spend with friends face to face and a real Sunday lunch. Something I really enjoy.

    I studied Italian history at University and did a dissertation on Leonardo Da Vinci because of my fascination of Italian history.
  5. Back in college, one of my good friend was Italian. There were days I would go to his home for dinner and boy, the food was delicious! My friend's parents came from Italy so I knew what I wanted to do when I travel: go to Italy.

    On the other hand, I also enjoy football (soccer) and I really like the Italy jersey, so that's another reason to be interested!
  6. My wife always wanted to go for years, she knew some Italians when she was younger and said they were lovely people. When we went for the first time, I was looking forward to it, but it was mainly for her, however, it didn't take me long to be just as enthusiastic. Florence was the first place we went to and I fell in love with it- the culture, the food, the wine, the architecture, the history, the art, the lifestyle, the atmosphere, the people, the language. Now I am the one who is more obsessed with Italy! Every time we go back, and visit somewhere new (and revisit Florence), the feeling gets stronger. I feel like a piece of my heart belongs in Italy, and I long to return every year.
  7. A lot of it's the history for me, and how the country has been able to maintain it in modern day Italy.

    I studied Latin at school, as well as Renaissance history and art. And a lot of the old history of Italy was captured in those courses. You still see plenty of remnants of that period in modern Italy.
  8. I'm not Italian, but just like many people, I find the country beautiful. It's a part of classic old world Europe and you can still see it when you visit. I think that is what I love about Italy. The history and culture are extraordinary, and who can resist the food!
  9. I don't think that it's a forgone conclusion that you love a country simply because you were born in it. :) I definitely can't say that I love the place where I was born.
    I have Italian family, and I like Italy in general. I enjoy the Italian mentality, the culture, food, music, art, you name it. But, above all, I adore the beautiful coast line, especially the deep south of the country.
  10. My mum had visited Italy three times and she has been telling my brother and I about her trips since forever. I'd always loved listening to her stories. She visited all the big cities and even signed her name somewhere around Juliette's balcony... well, it has always been a pleasure listening to her. When I started learning about history and the Roman Empire, I became absolutely in love with Italy. I loved everything Roman, even the traces. That's why I started studying Latin. I'm trying to ''connect'' with this country in the only way that I know and find possible at the moment - through the ancient language.
  11. I'm from the usually cold, constantly drizzly Denmark and the heat was what lured me to the country, along with a couple of my friends last summer.
    The heat isn't the great thing about it though, it's the people. I know it's a cliché thing to say, but it's the truth. Sure there's lots of bad apples, but there are mean people in every country, generally Italians are incredibly nice, especially the boys (Here in Denmark, you wouldn't hear anything near that amount of compliments in a year, much less a week! It's incredible really). And the people aside, Italy is so incredibly beautiful, that even if all the people were idiots it would be worth it.
    And the food! I could talk about the food for years on end. You haven't had pizza until you've tasted real Italian, handmade pizza, let me tell you that.
  12. It has got to be the language and the rich cultural heritage. Italian is so lyrical and easy to understand unlike the other convoluted European languages. Every letter is pronounced and whenever it's not, there's some strict rule determining why it isn't. I like how organized this is. On top of that, visiting Italy is like entering a time machine and setting the date to a couple of centuries back in time. Everything is so beautiful and picturesque that words fail to describe it.
  13. I just like the whole vibe of Italy. The architecture, people, and life style seem to be so simple. It's so different from here in the U.S. Also the food doesn't have all of those preservatives and tend to be made fresh with natural ingredients. The amazing cities of Rome, Sicily, and Milan has that exciting atmosphere too.
  14. For me it was a trip to Rome I had when i was about 13 with my family. Even though I was young I quickly fell in love with the city and that made me interested in Italy as a country. I wanted to learn all about the culture and history aswell as the food, sport and all aspects of the italain lifestyle.
    Since then i've been back only a couple of times but I do plan on returning soon and having a full holiday, hopefully taking in different regions, much as I can anyway.
  15. I've sadly never been to Italy. But, my boyfriend is Italian and he's part of a huge wonderful Italian family. Meeting him and meeting his family made me want to learn more about Italy and Italian culture. I hope I get to visit Italy next year! *fingers crossed*
  16. I am not Italian , but I really love Italy.It’s incredibly difficult not to fall in love with Italy.Italians have certainly mastered the art of living- family first, good food, good conversation, and a good dose of summer sun. It should go without saying that the key to anyone’s heart whilst in Italy is food. Pasta and pizza are at the forefront but there’s plenty of other delicious eats to try throughout your stay. Italy has inspired many classics but for certain one of the most memorable of these is the classic love story itself – Romeo and Juliet.
  17. I started to learn Italian and had a headset in in a supermarket once, and the guy that ran the AMAZING local Italian restaurant tapped me on my shoulder and asked me how I was getting on and he we had a little conversation, I barely new him but he was trying to help me and that made me go from liking Italy to loving it
  18. I really like Italy`s geography.Italy is a beautiful and diverse country geographically. It has many different types of beaches along its coastline and much of the country is mountainous. Its highest point is Mont Blanc in the north while Mount Etna on the island of Sicily in the south is Europe’s largest active volcano. This means that it offers great opportunities for all sorts of family activities from beach trips to skiing to hiking to adventurous sports.
  19. Honestly? The people, the gorgeous scenery and the FOOD. I tell ya, Italian cuisine is the BOMB.
  20. Apart from the gorgeous sceneries all around Italy, I personally enjoy their diverse culture. They aren't considered the birthplace of Western civilization for nothing! Architecture, I consider the Florence Cathedral one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the entire Europe. Then come the comic books! When I was little, I absolutely enjoyed reading Dylon Dog! Have I mentioned cuisine yet? I'd kill for some pasta with pesto sauce and a Neapolitan pizza, not to mention the most infamous gelato!
    Italy's a beautiful place with beautiful people all around and worth visiting atleast one time!

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