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I Just Love The Italian Custom Of Closing Shop For Lunch!

Discussion in 'General Discussion About Italy' started by ralmom101013, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. Wow I'm surprised that in the big cities restaurants still close. I would think that they would stay open to serve the tourist lunch. I guess they really stick to their culture. I know its popular in the south but I would have thought restaurants in the big cities would stay open. I would think that the restaurants that do not close for siesta make a lot more money as they are able to cater to tourists who may not be used to this custom.
  2. I'd imagine the tourists seasons will make the local businesses reconsider their opening times as while it may be traditional to close for a lot of the afternoon, I'd imagine that's when a lot of the tourists will be about, so a lot might not be able to afford to these days.
  3. The Italian lunch stops at 2:30 p.m. at the latest. It's not like places in London where people will have a late lunch. everyone has lunch at 12-12:30 p.m. so they are only open for a couple of hours. Tourists (sensible) work around this if they want to eat, and there is little around this, unless you find a pizza slice vendor or a bar that sells snacks. They are generally open all the time, but it's not a 'table for two' establishment.

    There are a few that will stay open for tourists, but don't expect good food there and expensive prices. To be honest it's like this with real Italian restaurants worldwide, and the more you understand Italian culture, you get used to it.
  4. I did not know about this. It sounds cool but it is a bit narrow minded so to say. What about tourists who are not Italians. Or simply people who have no families. What do you do when you need to buy something ? I guess some stores are always open but it is very strange for a guy from Serbia where you do not have a day off if it is your birthday, to understand how this works. I was few days in south Italy region but i didn't notice this. Maybe i didn't realize it because i got every thing i needed at the time.
  5. I think, this is kinda weird if you haven't grown up in such atmosphere. For me it'd defenitely be a struggle. However, I'm not much of a needy person. So, I can get over this and adapt myself to the new place and its rules.

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