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How Long Did It Take You To Learn Italian?

Discussion in 'Italian Language' started by Rosie, May 4, 2013.

  1. How hard was it for you to learn the Italian language?
    Did you study it in school? Did you learn it out of necessity?
    How much time did you need to be able to speak and understand Italian?
  2. When I first came here I was unable to speak Italian. I tried to study from books and CD's but to be honest didn't do too well.

    I learnt through work, being in constant contact with Italian speakers. At the beginning it was hard but slowly picking up new words every day. After 6 - 9 months I started to think in Italian and could have reasonable conversations.

    Even now, I still learn new words every day but the hardest part is over. The biggest problem I had is knowing what is Italian and what is dialect.
  3. Books and CD's don't really help. I also bought some books to learn from and they were of no use. What helped me a lot was the TV, because it's only in Italian, and the people around me speaking Italian all the time.
    It took me about 3 months to be able to understand a bit of what they were saying and little by little, I was able to say things back :D It sounds weird but I really was afraid of talking because I knew I would say something stupid.
  4. I don't speak Italian but have heard learners who already have a decent command of English and French find it fairly easy. Would you agree with this?
  5. I agree, although it's still a little hard to learn at first :)

    Speaking English is helpful because some words are not that different, for instance:

    italian: la mia sorella
    english: my sister
    French, though, is a lot more helpful than English when learning Italian.

    People here, near Milan to be more precise, even have their dialect similar to french. For example, the Piacentino dialect is full of french words. I have studied French in school for a couple of years (2 years is not a lot, but I really liked French so it 'stuck' to me so to speak). I do not understand anything these people are saying in dialect but when they use a word that exists in French too, I can see how the two languages are really similar (I don't understand a whole phrase, just some words I recognize are French).

    Also, there are plenty of words in the Italian language that are quite similar to their French equivalent.

    Here are some examples:

    italian: mi fa male la testa
    french: ma tête fai mal

    italian: cane
    french: chien

    italian: ho bisogno
    french: j'ai besoin

    I hope I didn't bore you with my opinion :)
  6. I am able to speak some Italian, but I am still in the process of learning. I am currently using a combination of books, CDs, sites, music and watching tv shows and movies with Italian subtitles and Italian audio. It's helping me a lot the fact that I can communicate in French. They are too similar. When I will be done with Italian I am very willing to start learning Spanish.
  7. I took one semester of Italian class (about 4 months) and I learned the basics from there. I would say it's not as hard as French because the accents do not require complex movements of the mouth.

    I'm actually thinking to study further so I can improve my knowledge.
  8. Well, if you made it through 4 months, you'll manage to learn it in no time :)
    Italian is really a very easy to learn language.

    Also, I agree on the French comparison. I've always wondered though, how difficult is it for different nations to learn to speak or to pronounce Italian words? I always find it funny how Americans pronounce Italian words, they have a certain accent while speaking this language :D
  9. I am not a native speaker of Italian and I am still learning the language. I am a slow learner and I have been learning for at least six months. With lot of effort I can read certain texts in Italian. I am sure I will get better in next few months.

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