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How Is Italy As A Place To Live For Persons With Disabilities?

Discussion in 'Health and Education' started by gwenpinay, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. How accepting are Italians of persons with disabilities?

    In many developed countries, disability awareness is high and persons with disabilities (PWDs) lead a relatively 'normal' life as society, empowered by the political/legal systems in place, are encouraged to assist PWDs in mainstream life and living.

    Restaurant menus in braille, compulsory ramps and elevators in buildings, equal opportunity employment policies - these result from laws like the ADA in America and its strong enforcement.

    How's Italy in this respect?
  2. There are laws in place in all European countries including Italy for persons with disabilities.

    That said, Haven't seen any menus in Braille, ramps in public buildings can been seen and on public transport busses are usually fitted with ramps (if they work!)

    A lot of work still needs to be done for persons with disabilities.

    Allot of footpaths dont have ramps which I can see as a problem for people in wheelchairs and parents with a pushchair etc...
  3. Interesting. Now I'm wondering, how visible are PWDs in mainstream Italian society then? By that I mean, how much interaction do they get with able-bodied people? Is it common to see someone in a wheelchair using the sidewalk/street, etc?
  4. I have seen may people using wheelchairs going for a walk or shopping at the supermarket. They are always with someone but no one and I mean NO ONE looks at them differently.

    Seeing disabled people is something normal over here. They even use the bus, the bus has a ramp that the driver lowers when a disabled person has to get on. Then, the person tell the driver to lower it again when they reach the destination.
    Disabled people go to college too, I've had 2 colleagues in the wheelchair who came to school every day.

    I think that PWDs can have a pretty normal life here in Italy.
  5. I agree with Rosie, there is nothing strange in seeing someone in wheelchair going around with someone or alone.

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