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How Hard Would Be For Me To Apply At An University In Italy?

Discussion in 'Health and Education' started by Duelyst, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. I've been thinking about this since my dad still lives in Italy, (that's where he currently works) and I thought what if I apply for University in Italy? Are there more opportunities in comparison of the UK? Can I "open" more doors there? I'm currently okay with the language barrier, I'm a fast learner, especially when it comes to languages.

    If somebody could enlighten me up, I would appreciate it!

  2. Well I am of the opinion that UK and Canada have some of the best universities in the world. I too would love to know what the university system in Italy is like and the cost.
  3. I've heard of the University of Pisa, which is considered to be the one for internatonal students. Google its site and there you'll find some pricing.
  4. Depends on which school, actually. Some schools welcome students from all over the world, while some would only accept one of their own. It's a hard thing to know unless you actually visit the individual schools that you are trying out for, and maybe you can try an exchange program first before you can consider a long term thing, as you get to see the in and out of the schools you are eyeing for, and you would be able to experience the culture as well.

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