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How Hard Is It For The Young Generation To Find Work?

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Rosie, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. I saw this on the show "Lucignolo" a few days ago, there was a debate between the young generation not being able to find work, because there isn't any (due to the economic crisis,) and the young generation being too comfy on he couch to even look for work.

    What do you think?

    In the end, I don't believe in the nonsense I see on TV, they only gave one example, of a young boy who found work like.. really fast! And he found a good job too, with no effort...

    I wonder if the situation is like this, for real. Do you think there really are no jobs in Italy or are people too comfortable at home, complaining about the economic crisis?
  2. The main problem I feel is there are not many new jobs being created. There are still jobs out there, it's just that they are all occupied. The pension age continues to rise and due to the economic situation, companies are not growing.

    In my workplace, it seems to be the same faces for a very long time. No new faces join and not many leave. it is like we are stuck in a time warp!
  3. I believe a lot of people are having trouble in getting new job as a lot of people are too lazy to find jobs and also there are not many jobs created. The two scenarios are contradicting but these are the two main reason for not having as well as getting employment, not only in Italy but also elsewhere.
  4. Getting a job is hard right now, in most places. The crisis has hit everyone, and some take countries take it easier and some are hit hard. Finding a job is quite hard, here where I live. It is possible to find a job, especially a part-time job, but it's not that easy. You have to look hard, ask friends, relatives, parents, everyone. It's easier to find a job when you know someone who has a job. If your friend has a job at a car-wash, ask him if the car-wash needs some new workers, or if he heard about some place needing workers. Or, go to some supermarkets, coffee shops, grocery stores, wherever you feel comfortable working at, and ask if they need any workers.
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    That is the job searching trend being enforced on today's youth. :) That is to stop searching for jobs and start doing things that will attract jobs. At this day and age, I think people already know what their jobs are or what their calling is, but they're finding a hard time getting paid. :D So a lot of the technological aspects are focused on automating the getting paid feature of job searching.
  6. This applies to countries all over the world I feel. There are jobs around but they do take quite a bit of looking for and people have to be willing to do anything and I feel a lot of people arent.
    The way I see it is that if people want to find work they will. The trouble with here in the UK though is that we have a generous benefits sytem and sometimes your better off not working.
  7. I definitely think the economic story provides them with a reason for not being in work, but also an excuse for not trying harder. Maybe they're incredibly comfortable living under the parents' roof for free, playing on gadgets all day. Maybe I'm being unfair but some of them really don't realize how good they've got it. I often feel that a lot of people have a sense of entitlement and don't realize the pain and suffering that their parents or their parents' parents had to experience.
  8. Its definitely true that the younger generation is having trouble finding work. I traveled to Italy over 10 years ago and the same was true then. I knew a lot of university graduates who would have short term employment opportunities then become unemployed. I think it is a lot worse in the south because there isn't that much industry other then small business and tourism.
  9. If that is still the case, then you'll find that people will start to look for work further afield and possibly looking at emigrating to there parts of the world.

    That will then limit the economy even more though as if there comes a time when job opportunities come available, there won't be the right people to fill them.
  10. Jobs that people enjoy are much harder to find, and to have a secure and stable job is not as easy as it used to be. Times have changed and people like being an entrepreneur, or want jobs that provide quick money and 'fame'. There is also the seasonal aspect as some places only have jobs for the tourist season and then they must find work elsewhere. This is a common problem worldwide, to be honest, but most Italians don't look to buy houses as many stay at home or homes get passed down. Many don't feel as pressured to get a job that enables a mortgage, and thus maybe they choose jobs that they want rather than for the money. I guess also the family business is not as viable as it used to be, so that is another change in society.
  11. It depends on the location. North and South are very diverse. The latter is mainly agricultural while the first is primary urban.
  12. I feel like even in my country there's talk about it being hard for young people to find work. I would say I'm in the "young" demographic - not in my 20's anymore but not far out of it - and honestly I say that there's work available almost everywhere if you're prepared to work hard and you're not picky.

    I have the feeling like it's probably much the same in Italy as it is here in my country. Sure, the job you can find might not be your ideal, dream job - but there's work out there for sure!
  13. My friend is an Italian native. He has just turned 19. He lives pretty good live, playing music professionally. So, if you have a talent (or just a spark of it) you'll definitely be welcomed.
  14. At 42 percent, the youth unemployment rate remains high. The government has to do something so that the learned won't apply for jobs in other countries. I believe that the Italian youth are educated and have talent. The government should also teach the youth on how to become successful entrepreneurs. This is the only way that Italy can avoid another economic crisis.
  15. It's still hard to find a job but the economy does seem to be getting a little better. You have far more of a chance now compared to this time last year.

    The unemployment rate is still high though compare to other european countries.
  16. I would think jobs in tourism would be fairly easy to find, or in the restaurant industry. Over here, it is quite easy for individuals to find jobs in the fast food industry. There are many of these restaurants around, and young people typically start working in such a venue. I would think it would be the same in italy, at least in the cities.

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