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How Expensive Is It?

Discussion in 'Legal, Utility And Property' started by Allegra, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. How expensive is it to live in Italy compared to the U.S. Are utilities and rent double what we pay? A friend's daughter is thinking of spending a year in Italy to upgrade her Italian and wants to work there. I'd love to give her an idea of the cost of living in Italy as well as availability of suitable rental places.
  2. It would really depend on where this young woman plans to live & work, but in general I think the cost of living is less in Italy overall. I recommend she looks into house or apartment shares as a way of keeping the costs down. She will appreciate extra cash to spend on exploring the country and enjoying herself.
  3. I saw an ad. recently for a room in a private apartment in Milan. For 500 Euros you could have your own bedroom and balcony, with the bathroom and kitchen being shared. Does that sound comparable to the US?
  4. She was thinking of Milan, so that she would be closer to the border of France. She wants to be able to travel in Italy and maybe a trip or two to France and Spain while she is there.

    Warrior, I think that price is pretty comparable to places in United States.
  5. Personally I would go for a share in a house or apartment to keep the costs down. I know this can be a risky choice, but if you are open minded and easy going it usually works out okay. Shares with several strangers are better than taking a room in an established household.
  6. I'll mention the sharing to her. I'm sure she wouldn't mind sharing with another female and if she is off touring or working she wouldn't be home that much.
  7. Yes, sharing an apartment with someone is best, if she doesn't mind.

    usually, the cost of an apartment is at least 500 Euros/month. Less if you choose a really small one or a really crappy neighborhood :D More, if you choose to live downtown or in an expensive city, probably Milan is one of those cities.

    Regarding the utilities... it really depends on what type of contract you choose and how much gas, electricity, water you're consuming.
    For instance, to give you some real numbers, electricity costs less than 100 euros every 2 months (it's how the bills come here, every 2 or three months), gas is about the same (except if you don't go overboard during winter and turn the heat up to the max.), you also have to pay for water and the rubbish tax, each of those are about 150-200 or a bit more per year (year or divided once every 6 months).

    I hope this helps.
    Now all she needs is to find a good job to cover these expenses :D
  8. In general the center of Milan is really expensive to live in (apartment rent costs a lot), this should be the most expesive thing.

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