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How Did You Learn Italian?

Discussion in 'Italian Language' started by Rosie, May 1, 2013.

  1. Well, sooner or later you HAVE to learn Italian if you move here, right?
    How did you manage to learn? Did you buy books and studied? Did you learn it from listening to people speak Italian everyday?
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  2. Oh my, it took me some time to learn the language. In the end I managed to stop babbling in Italian and actually come up with real words :D
    I think that what helped the most was the TV. I usually don't watch TV, but since it's dubbed in Italian, it was easy for me to hear it everyday and get used to it. Then I used a dictionary to translate some of the words I heard and slowly, I managed to learn, little by little. It's not that hard, it's the beginning that's rough.
  3. The best approach for me is self-teaching :D I personally prefer audio courses over book courses, because there is nothing better than listening to the native speakers talking, and then repeating the same sentence. This method is super effective and is used by Pimsleur :) I own several audio courses from there, they are all amazing! Another good way to practice is watching TV shows in italian, that helps a lot to reinforce what you have learnt and hopely help you learn some new words :cool:
  4. I learnt Italian at university - I had some spare credits, so in the first semester I took Introductory Italian, then I progressed to Intermediate Italian in the second semester. I got As in both modules. :D I learnt a lot more in Intermediate as the class was smaller and we got to interact in Italian more, plus we really went into detail about grammar and such. I loved my Italian classes, I met some great people and the teachers were all really lovely!
  5. For me, I was afforded the opportunity to learn it in high school. My school offered more foreign languages other then the standard Spanish and German. We also had Italian, Japanese and Russian. I also used a language program that I downloaded to my iPod and listened to where ever I went.
  6. I watch Italian films and the news (a good way to learn proper accentless standard Italian free from regionalisms or dialect words that occasionally pop up in films). I find Italian to be pronounced very clearly and in a way that is easy to understand compared to French or European Portuguese.

    I also like to listen to Internet radio broadcasts. The Internet and social media have made it very easy to learn and even master foreign languages these days.
  7. Well, I haven't learned italian yet but I'm in the process. I am actually going to graduate as a translator, so I chose to learn it as part of my career. It's kinda hard, because my mother tongue is Spanish. The similarities between these two languages are what actually confuse me.
  8. I am currently learning Italian by taking classes, reading Italian newspapers, and watching Italian movies.
  9. I have started listening to Italian songs. "Luce" by Elisa Toffoli is a current favourite. It's a good way to learn grammatical constructions, word order as well as to increase our vocabulary and word power!

    You do not have to listen to very old Classical music, even light pop is enough to give you a good grounding of the language and the pronunciation.
  10. Well, I learned by having 2 good translators by my side :D At my workplace I met these 2 people who spoke English and I always asked them what did someone say or how do I say something. I bet they hated me, but they were nice all the time.

    Then, when at home, I watched TV a lot. Especially commercials, hearing the same lines over and over again makes you remember those words forever.

    Also, I used google translate a lot!
    When I had some spare time (and will...) I looked for articles online (like newspapers) and translated them with the tool... I know that Google translate is not perfect, but I learned a lot by using it!
  11. I bought some book a few years ago..and this year I went to center of italian culture .
    but I am beginner ,I will improve it.
  12. I learn foreign languages watching cartoons, reading children's literature, dictionaries, grammar for native children, etc.
    I think that the "natural" approach fits best to me.
  13. Hahah, that's the way I learned English, by watching cartoons!
    I learned some words in kindergarten too, but how much English can you teach a 4 year old..?

    By the time I went to school, I already knew how to speak it. Couldn't write it though, as I didn't get there yet :D
    But, yeah, watching cartoons is the BEST way to learn it. Especially for children.

    Oh, and another thing a person said to me a while ago, he said that the greatest way to learn a foreign language is to spend a lot of time with kids. They never judge you if you don't speak well, on the contrary, they will teach you simple words while you play :)
  14. I totally forgot about cartoons! Good idea and the tip about learning from kids is cute and practical too! I think if you're really interested in a language and are willing to put in a little bit of effort while having fun, you should be fine!
  15. Some great tips on here, some I have tried, some I will try :)
    I also use online sites such as Easy Language Exchange, I find that talking to a stranger sometimes make me feel less silly...
    So it's a language exchange, has helped me alot!
  16. I learnt Italian through my friends as well as online coaching. I think it is best to spend a lot of time talking to Italian people to learn the language in a better way. I hope to learn it fluently by attending certain offline classes.
  17. My father is part Italian, but we never spoke the language at home due to some "complicated" reasons where my father couldn't accept his own father.
    However, even though I don't speak the language fluently, I understand a great deal of the language. At some stage, I would like to take the time to enroll in a course to properly study Italian and explore the roots of my ancestry.
  18. I went to Firenze and studied at a language school and then stayed and learned the language by living there. These days I watch movies or listen to music to keep the language fresh and if I chance upon someone Italian swap a few phrases with them. It was a good way to learn, though I would say hearing and using the language is important, because writing it can help you to be familiar with the words, but putting it into practice is another matter.
  19. I mostly just read books for Italian. I had one of those small pocket dictionary I made on my own, the size of an A4 paper cut in four. I write down new words as I discovered them. Mostly not conversational pieces, but dictionary words that I casually encountered in my reading. :) The same thing with learning Spanish and French.

    I have been browsing around for games that have the Italian language features on them, but other than the FIFA game in Playstation I could not find any fun video games with foreign language features. I think I bought a game called Ciao Bella in 2006. The game was not presented in Italian, but it was about an Italian girl who had to manage her career, love life and family matters in 13 levels. I prefer simulation games like Ciao Bella now, in comparison to games like FIFA. :D

    So mainly the way I learn Italian is by reading and note-taking, but I would consider playing games to learn a new language. Sometimes when I discover interesting paragraph or phrases from a movie, I would look up the translation in English or in Italian using Google Translate.

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