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How Did The Italian Culture Change You?

Discussion in 'General Discussion About Italy' started by Rosie, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. It's clear that once you begin to travel and see other cultures, some of the aspects stick to you no matter what.

    How did the Italian culture influence you?
    In my case, one of the things I now cannot live without... a strong coffee in the morning. It's one of the things I got used to in Italy and now, even when I travel back home, I can't start my day without that strong coffee :D

    What about you? How did Italian culture influence your life?
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  2. Definitley my view on wine and italian food! I knew that the wine and food were amazing, but I've never really appreciated it before i went there. I mean, being able to just close your eyes and choose a meal and some wine from a menu and be pleasantly surprised every time was wonderful.

    One thing I never adapted to was their food habits though. I need breakfast in order to function. Their coffee helped get me going though. ;)
  3. Oh, that is so true!
    I need to eat at breakfast, I usually have a bowl of cereal with some milk. And coffee, of course :D
    But I never will understand how can Italians 'function' with only a coffee and/or (with emphasis on the word OR) a 'brioche'? That's... nothing, that isn't food, that's a little 'spuntino' :D
  4. The food is one thing that has changed almost completely in me. Also my dressing style has changed quite a lot from the time I came here. I think it is a wonderful way to get so many changes as the changes are always for the better.
  5. I'm quite highly strung and organized, so adapting to Italian life was strange at first when shops closed at lunchtime and I had to dash around to get groceries or any shopping. I learned that sometimes you can't control everything and you have to accept things in life as they happen. It made me slow down and look at things. I would rush around and Italians would ask why am I hurrying.

    Now I find a balance, to know when to slow down and know things will be fine.
  6. The Italian culture changed me by broadening my horizons and opening my eyes to new ways of living and a wider style and art aesthetic. Italy is first country that I have ever lived in besides the United States so it was nice to be immersed in all that Italy had to offer including the historical sites, fashion, appertivo and other food, etc.
  7. Being in Italy helped me to appreciate the beauty that is in everything. The food, culture, art, people were all so lovely. They take time with things. In American its all about rush, rush and rush some more. Time is so precious and the Italian culture just understands that time is so precious.
  8. Honestly, I lost a lot of weight because I really slowed down and appreciated my meals. I became a bit of a picky eater, only the freshest will do :p Though it may rub some people the wrong way I think there's a beauty in the more...deliberate way of approaching and appreciating things. Though the Swiss side is still a little high-strung sometimes it's more about la bella vita now :)
  9. I don't know if it changed me, but spending time in Italy definitely opened my eyes to a different culture. Everything from the relaxed lifestyle to spending hours to relax during siesta was so different then I was used to.
    Likewise, I stayed in the country side so I saw how they would live off the land and bring home fresh fish to cook for dinner rather then travel to the local super market.
  10. Being from Italian heritage, I guess the Italian culture always taught me the value of family. My Nonna and Nonno always put emphasis on that. Oh, and also food being central to get togethers! A good meal can solve a lot of people's worries, heartache, stress...and that's something that my Nonna always did! :)

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