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Hotel Or Private Rental?

Discussion in 'Travel and Tourism In Italy' started by Jane Carey, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. I am torn between booking a hotel room or trying an alternative, such as renting a small, private apartment directly from the owner. Do you think hotels will become more competitive with their prices as more choices become available to tourists?
  2. It's possible that hotels may reduce their prices in the face of direct local competition, though I am not sure big chain names would be so flexible. Plus, many people prefer to stay in an anonymous hotel over someone's house.
  3. I have used a service that connects travellers with private home owners, and there are usually lots of places to choose from. Some people rent out their entire apartment, so you don't have to share with strangers.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I definitely wouldn't want to rent just a room in a house, but the whole place would be nice. I find the idea of being in a real home, with a kitchen and maybe a balcony more attractive than a faceless hotel room. It's nice to be able to make a drink or some food whenever you want to.
  5. Have you tried to look online for homes to rent for the duration of your stay? Some people from other countries buy houses in Italy and rent them out when they are not there.
  6. If there are quite a few of you I would definitely recommend renting an apartment as not only will you save money, you will also have the freedom to cook and do your own thing.

    There are quite a few sites online that offer rentals but choose one where you can see previous client reviews.
  7. I like to have my freedom, so if it were me, I would opt for an apartment or a bungalow or anything less expensive than a hotel.
    Also, I don't know if it counts, but I have slept in a tent many times and it's a lot more fun than in a hotel :D (those were some great vacations!)

    However, nowadays, if you book in advance, you might get a sweet deal at some of the hotels in Italy (or other accommodations structures).
    Where do you want to go? Also, what period of the year? (for instance, prices go up during the month of August, especially at the seaside or mountains)
  8. I think I would suggest that you go for a private rental. They are way cheaper than checking in at a hotel. Make sure you research it well though so you won't get yourself in any trouble.
  9. I agree on the private rental, you can find some good website where you can see the photos of the apartment, their location on a Map and usually they are quiet cheap.
  10. Private rental for sure. I have bad experience with hotels in Italy. Of course if you can afford 4 or 5 stars hotels then go for it. But below 4 stars (and sometimes even with 4 stars) the quality overall is really bad for the price. Just look for a nice private rental. Italians are nice people they will help you if you live near by !
  11. I have a question, how and where do you look for private rentals?
    How do you know it's safe and not a scam or, I don't know, how do you not get yourself into trouble, as jfab mentioned?

    In Italy, I have never booked anything officially through a website, I mostly go visit places which are pretty close to home. But I'd love to visit other places as well and that requires accommodation.

    So, back to my question :D
    How do you go about renting an apartment, without risking to get into trouble?
  12. I would consider the website to be pretty safe but there do not seem to be that many apartments on there.

    Some people have used, but have heard both positive and negative reviews about using this site.

    I have heard postive review for apartments using the Homelidays website and they seem to have a good selection of apartments.

    I think there is always a risk using any website but look for reviews first before booking anything .
  13. Yes, I agree :) Looking for reviews goes for both rentals and hotels.

    The bad thing is that it's possible for some reviews to be good, but paid. For the publicity, of course, which is something I would do too if I was a hotel owner! So no judging here :)

    But the good part is that if you have had a bad experience, you will most likely feel the need to rant on the internet. So, if anyone's expectations weren't met, I'm sure they wrote about it somewhere on some website or forum or blog.
  14. I don't think hotels can match the price for a private rental or a private apartment. It depends how long you plan on staying in any one destination too. I do know that if you use a website like Airnb most property owners will give you a substantial discount if you stay for a month.
  15. Wow, thank you for the website! I didn't know where you find rentals either :D
    I checked it out, you can find a place to stay for as little as €15 a night! Or €100, if you're pretentious :D hehe

    I never rented an apartment to go on vacation but some of my friends did and they say it's so much better than a hotel! You have everything there for you, it's cheaper and you kind of feel like home :)
  16. if I was travelling alone then I would stay in a hotel, probably more for safety reasons than anything else, but I prefer the freedom of a private rental property and tend to use those when I vacation with friends.
  17. On october I got married and we went to Rome to take a cruise from Civitavechia, we stayed 5 days prior departure in a really nice apparent in San Giovanni... We got the private rental thru AIRBNB and we prepaid it with Credit Card.

    We got a link to share with friend if you rent thru this link you can get 25 US dollars discount.

    Some years ago we stayed also in San Giovaani at Holiday INN, personnel was rude but rates were good, breakfast was free and really great, and rooms were spacious..
  18. A private rental is usually more cost effective if there are a few of you. I've used before and had some great rentals from there, at really good prices.

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