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Hitch-hiking In Italy

Discussion in 'General Discussion About Italy' started by Peninha, Dec 2, 2014.

  1. I feel that hitch hiking is a little dangerous all over the world these days, but I wonder how is the case in Italy. Is it safe to hitch hike, it depends on the region or are we better renting a car?
  2. I'd say hitch-hiking in Italy's as safe / risky and as interesting as many other European countries I know. But it isn't nearly as widespread as it once was, which means you might get asked questions by the police, some drivers might be more liable than they would once have been to assume you're 'available'. it may be more difficult to get lifts, etc. Have you thought about public transport ? It's got even more potential than hitching for social contact if you talk to the other passengers, like I do, and it isn't expensive if you avoid first class freccie, etc. Talk to schoolchildren, students, artists, musicians. housewives going shopping, people coming home from work, all good natured…. I once talked to a girl on a train who was organising an exhibition of photographs by people who'd been put in an orphanage (for reasons you can imagine) when very young, then moved from one institution to another until now, and never having learnt to live outside institutions had been classified as sub-normal. Fascinating. And I once ran into a group of stoned young Neapolitans on Foligno station travelling from Naples to Rome for the first of May concert who couldn't work out they'd wound up 90 degrees off-route! Don't know about renting a car. I've heard it's expensive.
  3. In my own personal opinion, maybe it's best if you rent a car or take the train. I'd go with the second option, it would be a lot more interesting, not to mention cheaper :D (I've looked at some prices online, for renting a car, the cheapest car is about $40 /day...).

    The think with hitchhiking is that, the idea sounds fun and all, but lately things haven't been very safe in Italy (especially down South), I keep hearing about a lot of 'horror stories' on TV. I'm not saying Italy is full of dangers :) not at all! I'm just saying it's a risk, just like it would be in any other country. Besides, for the same reason, people might be reluctant to pick you up... Most Italians just like to mind their own business, chances that you'll get a ride are pretty slim. However, if you do decide to go for it, you should know that it's illegal to hitchhike on the highway! other than that, you just need some good luck :)

    I should also mention you can carpool :)
    There's this website,, where you can look for a ride or offer one. It's pretty cool :)
  4. I used to hitchhike when I was younger, but never alone. In those days I didn't have much money but an overwhelming urge to see the world. These days I would not stand by the side of the road anymore, sticking out my thumb, unless I was in some emergency situation. I don't think that it's safe hitchhiking anywhere in the world, and that includes Italy.
  5. I don't believe hitch hiking is a safe idea anywhere in the world. Now matter how safe a city or country you are in, it is never recommended that you do this. There are many options for cheap transportation and if you are considering renting a car you can certainly afford a cheap train ticket or bus. Most cities in Italy are very walkable.
  6. Yep, sadly is has come to this, it's simply not safe anymore to hitch-hike, but this is a shame because it's a great way to benefit from a free transport, to know new people and see the world, there are too many dangers these days.
  7. I'd stay away from hitch hiking in Italy or anywhere else. You can't really trust anyone. Also, Italy has a pretty good public transportation system so you should probably stick with that. Taking the train or flying will be a little more expensive but the bus is pretty reasonable.

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