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Featured Historical Regata

Discussion in 'Venice' started by virtualitaly, Aug 6, 2015.

The Historical Regata is one of the most picturesque and moving tradition festivities of Venice, attracting Venetians and tourists every year. The Regata takes place on the first Sunday in September each year.

More Info: Regata Storica di Venezia - Official Website
  1. Thanks for the wonderful visual of the Historical Regata in action. If I were in Venice, the first week in September, I would attend this annual event. They appear to be rowing with such precision and all of thier attire is spectualar. I loved hearing the crowds cheering in the background along with the church bells. It really gave you a sense of the pride people take in events; such as, this one.

    I looked into the background of the Historical Regatta and found out the first official event took place back in 1899 with Mayor Count Filippo Grimani. I also enjoyed learning about the reason behind having a fleet of bissone's. It must of been and still is quite the honor to participate in this event. I wonder how many generations do this annual as a family tradition?

    Fest300 - Regata Storica - Photos, Videos, and Festival Information

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