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Have You Ever Been To Rome?

Discussion in 'Rome' started by dannyboy, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. Has anyone on this forum ever visited Rome? If you have, what was the best thing you liked about it and would you consider going back?
  2. No I haven't been yet, but it is definitely on my list. It looks so beautiful there and I can't wait to visit one day.
  3. I've been there 3-4 times for works and it's really a beautiful city with a LOT of things to see.
  4. I have never been to Rome, but I definitely would love to go some day.
  5. Yes I have been to rip-off Rome. It's a somewhat repugnant city with all those Churches and ruins but I did like the cats. I much prefer Turin - so much less hectic, easier to negociate, and all the streets are marked correctly on the maps unlike Rome where a street might or might not exist. And take your own towel - hotel towels are more like table cloths.
  6. Rip-off Rome? :cool: :p Elaborate, please!

    I haven't been there yet, just passed it by with the car. Although, I remember talking about going to visit Rome with my best friend, I wanted to go (my idea was to just take the train there and visit it by foot) but he said that it's a huge city and one day wouldn't be enough!

    Then I thought about taking the train at night, sleep for 8 hours (that's how much it takes to get to Rome by train, more or less), visit Rome in a day and hop on the train back late in the evening, so we could sleep again :p Would it work?
  7. In a day you could see a fair bit, especially if you took a tour bus, but it would be superficial. Or you could just wander about without feeling obliged to see whatever other people have decided you must see. Bring lots and lots of money. I don't usually ""do" tourist attractions. I prefer to sit in cafes, watch and talk to people. Ordinary life interests me more than carefully controlled money-making buildings etc.
  8. I used to go there every two weekends for a long period. it's not my favourite city, but I like the centre. there are a lot of things to see and, of course, to do. but as you get out of the centre it gets quite run-down.
  9. Rome is just amazing city, full of history, culture and art... definitely worth a visit! :) I have been there two times and hope will come back again :)
  10. Hi Gregor,
    I'm from Rome, we've been here around since the last 3000 years. If you don't like history, monuments, ancient churches and so on, why do you visit Rome? Try Las Vegas. Many lights...

    It's 35 years I live in Rome, and let me say your tips are wrong, it's not cool to speak when you don't know what you're talking about, you're cheating the ones who read.

    Depending on what you want to see, it would take one year to see everything. I mean, in Philadelphia in two hours we've seen everything, including the stairs from Rocky, and the Liberty Bell.
    We all thought that showing us those things as historical art was a rip-off, but we weren't so rude to say it.
  11. hello,
    I stay only three days but you must visit The Coliseum is AMAZING.
  12. I have a question, what are some good accommodation options for visiting Rome? I'd love to visit it, but I'm sure one day is not enough (let's be honest, you can't see anything in Rome in only a few hours, and if you also want to take a picture or two, you end up seeing even less...).

    I'm sure I can find cheap hotels online, but maybe some of you had a good experience and can offer an honest opinion about a place to sleep in Rome :)
  13. Took every word out of my mouth! I wouldn't say its a rip-off, if your a tourist and only do touristy things then expect to get ripped-off no matter where you go. If you want to explore off the beaten path you'll find the 'real' side of the rome!

    I agree, i do prefer Turin over rome too much nicer vibe about it and less busy!
  14. Well, the opinions are very different among people who have visited Rome.

    I know both sides of the story :D

    On one hand, there are some of my friends who have been to Rome and loved it. They're not from Italy, but they do like to visit Europe when on vacation.
    They went to a hotel (not the cheapest, but in a very reasonable price range), stayed for about a week or so (or even less, can't remember) and they were thrilled to be in Rome and see so much history, they walked a lot, took great pictures and all in all, they were very pleased! Of course, they knew from the beginning that this was going to be a low budget vacation, so they were prepared not to eat out everyday, not to buy too many tourist souvenirs and so on.

    One the other hand, I have met people (from back home, as are my friends I mentioned above) who have been to Rome and had only complaints. Breakfast was too expensive, lunch came after 2 hours of waiting and it cost them a kidney and a lung :D, tourist attractions are way out of anyone's price range... and so on. In my opinion, they weren't prepared and they didn't know that doing tourist stuff will cost them.

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