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Have You Ever Been To Amalfi Coast?

Discussion in 'Travel and Tourism In Italy' started by explorer, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. Being a nature lover this is one my dream locations in Italy. I have seen a lot of videos in YouTube and I just can’t believe my eyes.

    Especially the Positano town is amazingly beautiful with pebbled beaches, scenic mountains and what not. No wonder why Positano is known as one of the most romantic places in the world. You can see a lot of lemon tree gardens with lemon fruits hanging around like bulbs. It is really a very refreshing view and gives somewhat a close to nature feeling.

    I am planning to visit Amalfi Coast whenever I am there in Italy. Just curious to know your experiences there and how refreshing it was!
  2. It is a beautiful place and there is so much to see and do there. Summer is very busy, and there are lots of tourists, but you should pick which places you want to spend time in.

    I went there by bus as many of the roads are very steep and windy, or you can go by boat. The most expensive thing is accommodation; I stayed in a hostel which was more affordable and a good base for exploring the area.
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  3. I haven't been there but I would definitely love to go there! :D I always see pictures of Amalfi Coast and always mesmerize by the beauty of it. I believe it's one of the greatest and most visited tourist spots in Italy because of it's Mediterranean ambiance :)
  4. I just know that in my general life I have not spent enough time around coasts, and same applies here. I have heard great things, and maybe someday I will be lucky enough.
  5. I have been there with my father 2 or 3 times. It is a special place. I know what region you are referring to, as well as the unique feel of standing there......
  6. I haven't been to this part of Italy but I have done a small research about the place. This an attractive part of the country it's around a coastline in the southern part of Italy's Sorrentine Peninsula. This is one popular tourist direction in Italy and it's a renown heritage site
  7. I gained an interest on the Almafi coast when in high school I was asked to write a report about it. The pictures I saw together with the descriptions fascinated me. I finally got the chance to visit this place and being the first coast I ever visited I loved the place. The scene is worth looking at and breeze makes me want to go back.

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