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Have You Ever Been In Sicily?

Discussion in 'Travel and Tourism In Italy' started by Snarya, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. Since I live in Sicily, I was wondering if some of you have hever been here. Sicily is very rich of history and there are several beautiful places for sightseeing. I'm trying to visit almost every place in my region and those are my favorites so far:

    1- The "Valle dei templi" (valley of the temples) in Agrigento. It's one of the greatest example of greek architecture, I loved walking among the beautiful temples, especially at sunset, the whole place has something magical about it.

    2- Taormina. It is a small town situated between Messina and Catania. I visit it whenever I can, I can't seem to get enough of it. I live in Messina, just a few kilometers away from Taormina and every time I go there, I always meet lots of tourists from all over the world and all of them seem to love it. There's a beautiful greek theatre in there.

    3- San Vito Lo Capo (Trapani). It's a small seaside village famous for its beautiful beaches with white and soft sand and crystal clear water. If you go there, make sure to visit the "Riserva dello Zingaro" and "Scopello".

    4 Caltagirone. It's a small baroque town, very famous for its pottery. There's a very big and beautiful flight of steps known as the "Scalinata di Santa Maria del Monte", climbing it it's not so hard, because there are many shops on both sides that keep you entertained. Once you manage to get on the top though, the sight is breathtaking.

    I'm sure my list will keep growing over the time.
  2. I have never gone to Sicily but Lord, it's gorgeous. I must admit that I'm quite jealous you live there... I've searched online some photos of all the places you mentioned in your post and if I ever get the chance to visit, I'd definitely go see them. As I said already, they're gorgeous.
  3. I have never been in Sicily, but I would like to visit it. It seems like a very quaint and beautiful region. I don't know if Sicilian people have the behavior we all believe they have -screaming, vociferous people speaking with their hands- or if that are just pure stereotypes.
  4. I was just passing through actually and I liked what I saw. We were going to Pozzallo I believe and from there to Italy, Montenegro and then Serbia. I saw old houses and rustic villages that smelt on salt and fish. It was like from some adventure book that I read once. I really like the whole region of Italy and Sicily. It is one of the best places to be.
  5. Intergurl, if you have the chance, visit Sicily, you won't regret it. I pick a new place to visit almost every year and so far I've never been disappointed.

    For the most part, they are pure stereotypes but if you go to old and secluded villages, it can be true to some extent.
    Sadly, there are many stereotypes about Sicily and its inhabitants and most of them are based on old tales. We might use our hand while we talk but that's common in almost all of Italy. I have a british friend who comes to visit me often, the first time he came, he was amazed about how different Sicily is from what he was picturing. He later confessed me that he was expecting a rather antiquated place and more closed minded people. he even told me some of his friends advised him against coming to visit me, they thought it was a compromising thing, that he would be forced to marry me or something. I had a good laugh about that!
    Antother fairly common sterotype is about how we look, people think sicilian girls are curvy, dark haired/eyed and wear ridiculous clothes and I can assure you, that's really far from the truth. :)
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  6. While I've never been to Sicily, it's a place that I'm fascinated with, but for a Sicilian, probably for all the wrong reasons.

    A hobby of mine you could call it, is gangster films and history, and with Sicily having a large Mafia connection, it's a place I'd love to go.
  7. Well, Mafia isn't a prerogative of Sicily anymore, it has spread everywhere and you need to know that it isn't the same old mafia potrayed in gangster movies. If you think to come here expecting to find Mafia ruling everything, you'll be disappointed. You could maybe visit famous places connected to old Mafia or get some old man to tell you some tales.
    I'm not saying Mafia is gone, it's just different, you won't find "Mafiosi" like Riina and Provenzano, luckily those times are gone.
    Actually, I feel way safer in Sicily than in other italian places. I wouldn't have any problem walking alone at night in my city but I wouldn't dare to do so in Milan for example.
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  8. I know enough about the mafia to know exactly what it's like, and its nothing like the glamorous lifestyle that's portrayed in the movies.

    I'd visit Sicily to do exactly what you mentioned, visit some old places that have strong connections with the history of the mafia. I'm not expecting men in suits and hats, carrying violin cases stood on every corner, haha!
  9. Nope, not yet anyway. I am planning on going backpacking through Europe starting next year, and thanks to your recommendations, Sicily would definitely be on my list. Any snows in your region by chance? I plan on going there in December, I figure if I can both frolic in the snows and visit the places you mentioned, it would be a double win.
  10. I'm sorry to disappoint you but snow is a rare occurrence in Sicily, the climate here is very mild and we don't go below 0°C, sometimes the temperature touches 1°C or 2°C and we experience some hailstorms but that's a far as it goes in most of the Sicily.
    One of the only places in Sicily where you can find snow is Mount Etna (the volcano) because of its high altitude (if I'm not wrong it should be more than 10000 feet), if you like to ski you can find snow on its peak from late November to late March/early April. Its slopes are not as fancy and exciting as the ones you can find in other places but it's a unique experience, you can ski on the volcano and meanwhile you can enjoy the view of the sea far below.
  11. I wasn't aware that you would be allowed to ski down Mount Etna to be honest, but then again im not sure that I'd want to in the first place so I haven't looked that far into it.

    Maybe you've just invented a new extreme sport, volcano skiing!
  12. I've been to Sicily but it was really to get to the Aeolian Islands. It's definitely hotter and the pace of life is slower in most places. I did intend to explore Sicily, but loved the islands so much i ended up staying there for several weeks and explored the islands instead.

    I would like to explore Sicily more, but only when it's cooler as I found it too hot and humid. The best time I guess would be autumn!
  13. I have never been to sicily, but to visit that part of Italy would be a really grate adventure.

    I also heard that the life expectancy of the people living there is one of the biggest in the world. Would be curious about it, for sure. It is the nice italian food, or the constant sun? Does anyone of you heard about it before?
  14. Sure you can! I live not so far away from Mount Etna and, when I was in secondary school, the school brought us there every year and I remember we had a lot of fun skiing or simply sliding down with snow sleddings! But I must confess you had me worried for a few minutes and I questioned my memory so I had to look it up on google and I can say it for sure: you can definitely ski on mount Etna! :)

    The Aeolian islands are beautiful, my husband loves fishing and they are such a perfect spot for that. Since we are able to get there in about 45 minutes by boat, we visit the islands several times during the summer.
    If you want to avoid hot and humid weather, autumn is a perfect season to visit Sicily but if I were in your place, I would consider spring too!

    Maybe a combination of both, although I'm sure constant exposure to the sunrays without any protection is very dangerous! I think the long life expectancy in Sicily can be in part attributed to the physical activity. My grandfather for example, he lived to be 89 years old and up until the last months of his life he used to get up early every morning and go fishing with his boat.
  15. I've never been to Sicily but and have no intention of ever visiting.

    Sure I've heard assurances that Sicily is safe for tourists. As long as you are not involved with the mafia in any way you'll go unmolested. While those who say that might most certainly be right [there's no reason why I should doubt them] I'd rather not take any risks so that's one place I'll stay away from.
  16. I find it sad that Sicily has such a bad reputation abroad. Like I said above, real Mafia is a thing of the past and actually I feel much safer going around, even at night, here in Sicily than walking on the streets of Milan at dusk. And I can assure you that I have no ties with the Mafia or any other criminal activity. You'd be missing out a lot, Sicilian people are very warm and welcoming and there are many beautiful places to visit. I hope one day Sicily will break free from this terrible reputation. :)
  17. I find this Mafia reputation has been diminished once you are actually in Italy. Those who have never been to Italy still only know the Godfather films. Many Sicillians are very humble down to earth people; I think it's a case of people who aren't well traveled who are afraid.

    That said, Italians are family orientated so people misconstrue that as looking as if it is mafia based, and it's not. The only thing I would say about Sicily is that it's not that easy to get around, and you do need some knowledge of Italian.
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