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Has Anyone Ever Couch Surfed Before?

Discussion in 'Travel and Tourism In Italy' started by sammien94, Apr 2, 2015.

  1. I've only ever had one friend do it, and in her experience, you should only do it if you're REALLY strapped for cash or are super careful, since it's pretty dangerous. So, I was wondering, is it okay to couch surf in Italy?
  2. I haven't done it, but i did hear about this concept. Actually, I heard about couchsurfing for the first time on this very forum! :)

    A few years ago, in my early 20s, I was very adventurous. If I would have known about it sooner, I guarantee you I would have tried it out! Right now though... I'm a little skeptic and I'm totally aware of it. I don't know if it' my age or what is it that makes me think I'd rather stay home or go on a one-day-trip to the beach, than couch surf! :D

    In the end, I think everything is a little dangerous.
    Heck, you can go on a vacation, expect to have fun and end up in the hospital because there was an avalanche that came down on you! Or, you go on a nice, fun safari, with your family and a lion jumps in your car all of a sudden!
    Honestly, anything can happen on a vacation that you are 100% is safe.

    By the way, I was just checking out the couchsurfing website and stumbled upon this description saying that a woman hosted a guy from France who, well.. "He sharpened our kitchen knifes" :D :D We were talking safety, but talk about a funny coincidence!
  3. Yeah, I don't think couchsurfing got popular until a few years ago to be honest. People are travelling more and more these days, and so we're seeing more options like this and airbnb. I actually thought about couchsurfing when I was in Europe but the hostels are not expensive at all, especially since you know what you're getting.
  4. I haven't either but have had friends that did it - and they had great experiences and made a whole bunch of friends in the process. For me, I'm a little too scared to travel down that path, just since these days people online can be really don't know. Sad but true that a strangers kindness to let you in has to be interpreted in a more sinister way these days but you can't be too careful!
  5. I have to admit, while it does sound appealing, I think the aspect of not knowing entirely what peoples intentions are would stop me from doing this.

    I guess it's just the way the world is these days, very sad really but it's not worth taking the risk I don't think, especially when hostels are so cheap anyway.
  6. Were your friends male or female? Guys tend to couchsurf more for obvious reasons, whereas girls are more reluctant, and even when they DO couchsurf, they're very on guard.
  7. I've personally never heard of "couch surfing" before, but this was last year. One of my friends proposed me to go on a trip around Germany (he loves the place, been twice) and we weren't really swimming in money and accommodation was a problem, until he told me about this concept. I first was a bit skeptical about it (too risky, can't trust people enough to sleep in their houses, etc.) but then he told me he did it before and he knows some family that is willing to help us stay and show me the place. Experience was great, I do recommend if you know verified persons and are willing to sleep in someones home! I did take some pictures as well, but I can't really find them right now. If I ever do, I'll be sure to come back and edit this post!
  8. That idea wouldn't appeal to me but i can see how it would be a cheap way of travelling and a good way to meet people. Personally i like to feel relaxed when i am on holiday and i wouldn't staying in peoples houses, particularly if i didn't really know them. I can think of various risks also with that concept so it needs a lot of thought.

    I suppose it depends to an extent on which country/region you are visiting, some places and people will be safer than others. I do accept that it could potentially be a great experience and you could get to know things about a country you would not otherwise find out. I'm glad it worked out well for you.
  9. They were actually a couple that couchsurfed together - one guy and one there was safety in numbers, I guess! But yes, you're right - I'm an early 30's female and I would be SUPER reluctant to couchsurf solo. These days there really is an element of not knowing what people's intentions are. I'm sure 99.99% of people that sign up to be hosts in a couchsurfing scenario are just fine, and are looking for a way to help other travelers and make new friends in the process. But the fact that .01% could be trouble is a frightening one, and you have no way to validate who is and who isn't trouble.
  10. When you said couch surfing, I thought you meant strapping a couch to a car and being pulled around in reckless, dangerous fashion. When I found out that this is not what you meant, I have to say that I was a little bit disappointed. However, I have never did it and it's not a bad way to save some money, but I generally don't trust people I don't know a lot. I would have to sleep with one eye open all the time. I may have watched far too many movies.

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