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Has Anyone Been To The Ski Resorts In The Aosta Valley?

Discussion in 'Aosta Valley' started by Rosie, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. Just what the topic says :p Has anyone visited the area, like to a ski resort (they have quite a few ski resorts in the Valley of Aosta, most of them world famous, they say) ?

    I'm actually looking forward to spending the Holidays outside the house! Not this year though... but hopefully the next :D so I was wondering if anyone has some details about what the prices are like over there, what is there to do, for fun, besides skiing (I don't know if I'll have the courage, I've never done it) and also, is the food really that good? I know the Italian cuisine is amazing, but there are some foods that are typical for the Aosta Valley and they look and sound amazing :)
  2. I haven't been yet. However, I plan to go someday. As far as I know, it's within The Alps. Safe to say, the location must be good. Nah, to even good. A world-class level.
  3. One of the things that I heard a lot while I was visiting Italy, from the locals, was that there was so much more to Italy than people think of, and one example was skiing and some of the outdoors activities. We were there during the summer time so maybe that played into us not really hearing much about these things, but it was interesting that the locals made it a point to mention it. I guess it is just a heads up to others to open up a little bit and explore other options than the standard tours of the popular cities.

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