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Discussion in 'Health and Education' started by Machida, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Gym?

    I am just thinking if there is such a thing as gym on Italy. Being Italian, do you go regularly go to a gym or you haven’t gone inside one?
  2. Re: Gym?

    Judging by the 'pose' factor in any Italian city I would say that most of the people are gym goers. Funny thing is , whenever I've been there , I've never ever seen anybody walking he streets in their gym gear!!
  3. Re: Gym?

    I don't get much time to go to the gym but yes there here. Gym in Italian is called 'La Palestra'
  4. Of course there are gyms in Italy. The only problem is, they are quite expensive. I wanted to join one a while back and they actually asked for more than half my salary... because they wanted 6 months payed upfront.
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  5. I too have found that the gym can be very expensive in Italy. You will also need to visit your doctor and pay for a medical certificate as no gym will accept you without one.

    Most people that I know have their own small gym in the garage or cantina.
  6. Of course, I forgot about the doctor.
    I'm actually one of those people who has a gym in their bedroom. I managed to buy some equipment that was on sale and I don't really see the need to pay to go to the gym anymore.
  7. Sounds like gyms aren't very catered to the general public.
    Are workout DVDs / home programs like P90X popular in Italy?
  8. I never go to gyms, so when I am in Italy, there is no exception. I have seen plenty of gyms around the place, even some outdoor gyms, but they don't hold much interest for me. My favorite past time is riding my bike around the countryside or city, and swimming. I couldn't imagine spending my time in a gym, pumping machines, when I can run on the beach and throw myself into the ocean. :)
  9. Actually, things have changed quite a bit in these last couple of years... I have a friend who, lately, goes to the gym regularly and I thought he came into some money since paying for the gym quite expensive. He told me that lately, many gyms have different offers available, to attract more people. There are gyms that will offer you 2-3 months of free training, there are gyms that will let you pay a monthly fee (and not ask you for money in advance), there's even one gym (the one my friend goes to) that had such a good offer, you paid €200 and had access for 6 months to all their equipment (no trainer, of course).

    However, there are still very few people who choose to go to the gym. I see SO MANY joggers every day, it's crazy! :) I'm actually amazed to see so many people, young and elderly, going jogging at temperatures below Zero, in January, at 7 a.m. No wonder the life expectancy in Italy is so high!
  10. I think the gyms are about the same as gyms in the states barring the higher cost and the fact that you need a physical by a doctor. The doctors exam is very common in Europe for just about everything exercise related. I need one to enter races, play volleyball join a gym, ect. Every year it seems like bigger and better gym chains are opening up. In Verona I paid a 200 annual fee and 50 per month for a gym similar to America's 24 hour fitness chain but this one was only open until 10pm. A new mega one opened next to my in laws and I would have died and gone to heaven if it had opened while I was still living there. In France they are just starting to get 24 hour gyms so it's just a matter of time before Italy will get them!
  11. I don't think I have ever spotted a gym in Italy. I just imagine the people to be these laid back naturally beautiful people. It's funny how tourists see things, yet there must be so much more going on underneath the surface for the regular residents of a country.

    It is also crazy how culture can create a difference in the need of the people. The US has had 24 hour gyms for decades and here we have Italy that really doesn't have one. I think it shows how the people value the quality of life and time at home in the evenings.
  12. You have to keep in mind the really touristy areas are going to be out of the price range for a lot of small businesses that haven't been there for ages. Even a small gym will need a decent amount of square footage. And the bigger chains won't find adequate space in some of the old areas.

    They are there but easy to miss if you don't look for them. I've never seen gyms with a giant glass front where you can see the equipment/people from the outside like in the States. Most look like a hotel reception area in the front and you can't see any part of the gym from the street.
  13. I remember when I was in Venice (about 7 years ago) I saw a beautiful gym. To me it was so weird because the building was right on the water. I might have been missing something but I don't know where the entrance was or how people could walk to the gym... it seemed the only way to get there was by boat.
  14. In recent years I think in most countries gyms have seen a rise in popularity. While with some people it's more to do with how they look than actually staying fit and healthy, I think as long as people are doing some kind of exercise they should be encouraged.
  15. Yes there are gyms in Italy, as there are in other Countries also. I used to go to the gym but it did get very pricey, so I purchased an elliptical online and I'm getting a good workout at home and I'm not breaking the bank going to the gym any longer.
  16. I don't go to the gym as well since I don't like the idea of working out with other people around as I am not too confident to do so. Even if I'm in Italy, or any other foreign country, I would still choose to work out at my place instead of enrolling at a gym. Not to mention that I can save a lot if I do that :)
  17. Gyms are everywhere, and Italy is certainly not an exception. Get Fit Express, Hard Candy Fitness, The Studio, Get Fit, and so on and on and on, so it's a long list. Everyone loves to work out these days. :)

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