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Gutturnio Wine - Doc Wine

Discussion in 'Piacenza' started by Roberto, Mar 15, 2014.

  1. has anyone tried this wine?
    I have some friends who are big fans of wine (yeah, they drink a lot.. :D) and they keep 'praising' this Gutturnio, but I don't find it to be so special.
    Is something wrong with me (joke.. ) or is it possible I drank the wrong wine?
    What's your opinion about the Colli Piacentini wine?
  2. I actually live in the area, but I don't recall tasting this wine in my life.... maybe I did but didn't know it at the time.
    Anyway, I heard it was famous and every time I turn down a glass of wine (because I don't usually drink), people say "oh my god.. you don't even drink Gutturnio?" (of course, they say it in Italian) and I say no, and they are shocked!
    Weird, right? :)

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