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Graziano Pelle

Discussion in 'Italian Sport' started by artyarson, Dec 4, 2015.

  1. I would call this "an Italian dream", when a pretty much unknown player over the age of 25, mainly the offensive one, drastically improves his skills and makes national headlines by suddenly having a successful season.

    There were some examples in the past, which include Luca Toni, Rolando Bianchi, Marco Borriello. It seems like Graziano Pelle is one of them but with one main difference - he did this outside of Italy, playing for Feyenoord (Netherlands) back in 2012/13 season. He is now 30 years old and currently playing for Southhampton (England), rather with a success than failure.

    Will we see him leading Italy to the glory at Euro 2016 and World Cup 2018? At the moment he has played 10 times for the senior national team, scoring 4 goals.
  2. I guess this happens sometimes. They get a good season and they either continue on that path or revert to how they were before. So he he is playing for two different teams plus Italy?
  3. He'll certainly be going to Euro 2016. He's playing very well in England at the moment. He's big, very good in the air and has a great finish. I guess because his game isn't all about speed he may be able to extend his international career.

    Whether he'll be on the roster for 2018 is hard to tell though. If Italy fail badly at the Euros we can guarantee there will be a new manager - it's just the way things happen. And the standard approach of a new manager is to start afresh. Still, Pelle's certainly worth his place at the moment.
  4. Zhen25, nope he can't play for two separate teams unless he has its now clone. He's currently in Southhampton and the Italian senior national team.

    Onionman, I agree on that. He's more of a Luca Toni type of player. Btw, Toni is still nailing at the age of 38 or so.
  5. Gotta say that I love it when an older (makes over 25 sound ancient, doesn't it?!) sportsperson does well and surprises people. Reminds me of another Italian, Flavia Pennetta in the US Open! I don't think anyone expected her to win at the ripe old age of 33 but she surprised everyone!

    Makes me happy!
  6. Yeah, that's absolutely awesome when people work hard for so long and eventually reach their "sacred" goals in the end. I hope, signor Graziano will nail it very soon.
  7. So, guys! He's confirmed as a player for the Euro 2016. Wish him all the best. I hope he will be as good as Luca Toni was 10 years ago at World Cup.

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