Gil Is Here In Italy Virtually

Gil Camporazo

New Member
Dec 18, 2016
What a great opportunity to be in this site which talks, deals, and discusses issues about Italy. When I come across with this site, I am reminded of a lady friend whom I befriended with in the Facebook. We have the same family name, the only difference is the spelling. Her is Camporaso, mine is Camporazo. But my late father has told me that initially our family name carries the letter "s". Anyway for me it doesn't matter, it is only a variance. The point is either we are related or not. I am from the Philippines and she is from Italy.

Anyway, this is Gil Camporazo, a simple and reserved type of a person. I am already in my senior age. I love writing and I am very passionate in writing. I love sharing my ideas and experiences through writing. Hope I could find a home here.