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General Information on the province Campobasso

Discussion in 'Campobasso' started by Veronese, May 7, 2008.

  1. General Information on the province Campobasso

    Tourist office:

    Address: 14, Piazza della Vittoria
    City: Campobasso (CB)
    Telephone: (+39) 0874 415662
    Fax: (+39) 0874 415370


    Address: Piazza Melchiorre Bega
    City: Termoli (CB)
    Telephone: (+39) 0875 703913
    Fax: (+39) 0875 704956


    By bus
    Via S. Giovanni in Golfo, 86100 Campobasso
    Tel. +39 0874 605220
    SATI Società Autocoperative Trasporti Italiani

    Larivera S.p.A.
    C.da Colle delle Api, 86100 Campobasso
    Tel. +39 0874 64744

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