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Football Or Formula 1?

Discussion in 'Italian Sport' started by Gabe, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. I'm sure most Italian men like both, but if they had to choose which would come first? Often it depends on how Ferrari are doing or if there is an Italian driver (even if it's not the nationality but by name and heritage) that there is more interest.

    I recall one Sunday I was in Venice and a group of a dozen men were discussing very colorfully the state of Ferrari.
  2. I am not really an Italian but you are right, the origin of the driver is for the most people the reason why they are watching this "sport" (if we can talk about sport in case of Formula 1). In case of Italy, they do not need an Italian driver to watch Formula 1 because they have an own driving team that makes the whole thing interesting for them.
  3. From my experience, football would take the number 1 position, Moto GP 2nd and formula 1 in third place.

    Italians certainly love their sports :)
  4. I do find that football is more of a family sport in Italy, whereas it can be more of a male outing here in the UK. Yes, women do watch football and attend matches, but usually because it's been a family tradition.

    I know Italians do hold their sportspeople in high esteem, and I imagine that's quite a big pressure for them too.
  5. According to some surveys, most Italians are into football. This sport is loved there so much. People go out to support their teams every Sunday. It's like the second religion.
  6. Most definitely football. Everyone can enjoy football and as Gabe said, it's a bit of a family sport.
  7. I'd also agree that Italy is like most European countries when it comes to sport, and football will be the biggest attraction.

    Ferrari is obviously a huge name in motorsports, with Ducati when it comes to motorcycling, and while I'm sure most Italians will want them to do well, I think their first love will always be their local football team.
  8. I am not Italian, but I think that Formula 1 is not as interesting as football, and I guess that is what Italian people think. Formula 1 is just boring for me with those endless 100-lap races, and football is more exciting to watch. Football players play with their hearts, whereas Formula 1 drivers play with their heads.
  9. While I understand where you're coming from, Italy and Ferrari have a long standing tradition when it comes to Formula 1, so even if people do find it boring they'll still follow the results at least.

    Andretti to this day is still one of the most recognisable names in motorsports, even though they are Italian American, but they still count right, haha!
  10. Football is a very big deal for italian people, mostly men. usually sunday is football day for most families and then you can see men gathered in bars or pubs on sunday, talking about the previous day matches. Formula 1 is very common too but not at the same level as football. Personally, I don't like any of them and the same goes for my husband. But we are big Moto GP fans. We root for Valentino Rossi and we don't miss a race.
    The only times we watch football is only during the world cup or the European championship, it can be fun rooting for our national team with a bunch of friends and some food and beer.
  11. MotoGP is very much a European followed sport, and even here in the UK while it might not be as popular as football is, no sport is, there's certainly still a large following.

    Rossi isn't just followed by Italian MotoGP fans, but he's followed the world over for his unique riding style. 'The Doctor' is a popular figure even outside of motorbike racing, and there's not a lot of sportsmen and women that can say that.
  12. My favourite sport is football. I played football and it is a passion of mine. I live in a country with great potential and talent for the sport and with solid history especially when it comes to good players that from here. I am from Serbia, by the way. Many of those players played in Italian league. Dejan Stankovic, Sinisa Mihajovic, Nemanja Vidic recently, Kolarov, Jugovic, Dejan Savicevic, Dragan Stojkovic and many more of course. It is just normal for us to love football. Nevertheless, all my childhood I spent waiting for Michael Schumacher and the rest of the guys to start a race in 4 AM or something like that. I still watch Formula 1 and I also love this sport very much.
  13. pеоplе whо wаtсh F1 rасе еithеr hаvе intеrеst in аutоmоbilе, spееd еnthusiаsts аnd thоsе pеоplе just lоvе driving thеir оwn саrs. Pеоplе hаvе thеir оwn intеrеsts in spоrts, sоmе prеfеr fооtbаll, sоmе сriсkеt аnd sоmе F1 rасing. Rасing invоlvеs this strоng urgе tо tаkе thе lеаd аnd tо gеt tо thе pоdium. F1 is оnе оf thоsе spоrt whiсh invоlvеs tаking risks whiсh соuld lеаd tо dеаth. Sо it соmеs with this purе аdrеnаlinе rush fоr thоsе whо tаkе it sеriоusly еvеn whilе wаtсhing.
  14. Fоr mе, F1 is аn inspirаtiоn. Thе shееr numbеr оf hоurs put in by thе mесhаniсs аnd drivеrs, thе shееr grunt, thе undying dеsirе tо gо fаstеr аnd thе аbsоlutе nееd tо bе pеrfесt.
    Thе rеsоurсеs аrеn't а wаstе. Think аbоut it, сristiаnо Rоnаldо wаs sоld tо Mаdrid fоr а whоpping $131.6 milliоn. Tо spоrt а Nikе lоgо оn а tеаm jеrsеy, milliоns оf dоllаrs аrе spеnt. оn thе соntrаry, likе pеоplе hаvе mеntiоnеd аlrеаdy, thе rеsеаrсh thаt hаppеns in F1 is соmpаrаblе tо NаSа.
    Fоr еxаmplе, tесhnоlоgiеs likе thе Kinеtiс еnеrgy Rесоvеry Systеm, аnti-Lосk Brаking Systеm, thе mаtеriаls usеd tо mаnufасturе саrs, thе mеthоds оf саsting, еtс. triсklе dоwn tо rоаd саr mаnufасturеrs аs wеll. Thе first tесhnоlоgy I mеntiоnеd is vеry muсh а grееn tесhnоlоgy аs wеll :).
  15. I саn оnly sаy why I wаtсh F1, but fоr mе it's bесаusе (Bеhind NаSа) it's prеtty muсh thе pinnасlе оf еnginееring аnd spееd. Hеrе аrе my rеаsоns..
    Thе wоrld's biggеst аnd bеst саr mаnufасturеrs (Fеrrаri, Mеrсеdеs, Rеnаult, Lоtus еtс.) hirе thе wоrld's bеst rасing drivеrs аnd еnginееrs tо dо оnе thing, gо rоund а trасk аs fаst аs thеy pоssibly саn. If yоu likе rасing thеn it dоеsn't gеt аny bеttеr.
  16. In my own view I would chose football, not just in Italy alone football or soccer is one sport that is easily loved by so many. It's a relatively more easy form of sport to understand and many can do engage in it at their different locations with little investment.
    Formula 1 or motor racing sport is another very entertaining game that gets eye glued to the highly fascinating activities. It also boast of lots of fans too.
  17. This is a pretty easy one for me, and I think that even not too long ago I would have been shocked by people choosing the Formula one, but apparently it is growing in popularity.
  18. I think football is the winner here, although if there was an Italian driver at Ferrari I think it would increase the interest. In general F1 has been on the wane since there have been more scandals, and less exciting drivers.

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