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First Trip To Rome

Discussion in 'Rome' started by Sandralaw, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. Hi all it my first post here and also my first trip to Rome i ma very excited about it and would like some suggestion sand recommendations as to should i hire a cab for airport transfers and day trips in Rome as i have no clue at all about it. posted some quotes with companies and rome-minicabs offered the best package. should i book with them. Has anyone used the service kindly help with your suggestions as i have my trip in September and all is done except for this
  2. I am interested in this too, I'd like to travel to Rome and I am probably going to for the next spring. I am also interested where to stay, where to eat and what places to visit. Some people have recommended me a few places, but that's only like two places, I want to visit EVERYTHING there is to visit, and I have no idea where to start. How much is a hotel room or an apartment on average in Rome? Thank you.
  3. If you're Catholic, you could go to a Papal Mass on Sunday in Saint Peter's Square. Even if you're not Catholic it is a holy experience worth having. Then right there you can go into the Basilica and view the Sistine Chapel, another godly experience. Oh, the art in Rome, I'm jealous. Then there's the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Fountain of Trevi, and so much, much more. Who knows if you'll have time to see it all. There are beautiful statues everywhere, and crazy Italian drivers. :D
  4. Accommodation is always expensive in Rome, even all the hostels get booked up months in advance so the best thing to do is decide when you want to go and look up prices for then. Rome is big, so choose where you want to stay with care as you may have to get a bus in or walk a distance.

    I spent a day in the Vatican and it's worth it, you can spend a week there and still not see everything from the sites to the museums. If you only have a few days, choose what you want to see rather than rush it unless you only want the photos. Good walking shoes are a must and be brave crossing the roads, just cross because they will stop!
  5. Rome is so huge! I've never been though, so any advice, info, tips are very useful to all of us! :p

    I was actually planning to go to Rome this winter, but plans fell apart... Taking the train to get there is not that expensive, if you plan to use the Trenitalia offer: travel on any Saturday, pay 1 ticket for 2 people.

    For instance... a trip from Milan to Rome, for 2 people on a Saturday, is:
    €76, for the 6 hour ride (with the frecciabianca train)
    €86 for a 3 hour ride (with the frecciarossa train), or €100, depending on the train schedule.

    This should be useful for anyone who plans to land in one of Milan's airports. If your plane lands in Rome, even better :)

    As far as accommodation goes, I usually just look it up on or on (if you understand Italian). If you plan to book a trip in advance, you might just get a good deal! :)

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