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Favorite Pasta

Discussion in 'Italian Food and Drink' started by KimmyMarkks, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. What is your favorite kind of pasta? I love gnocchi and ravioli. Anything that has cheese or meat stuffed in it.
  2. I love gnocchi too, but I would probably say my favorite is fettucine - I also had pici a while back at a lovely home style Italian restaurant and it was so good! It's basically hand rolled thick styled spaghetti - it was cooked to perfection and I've been craving it ever since I had it for the first time!
  3. linguini is one of my favorites, ravioli is nice too! Although I have to say I love all pasta.Italian food is always so flavorful.
  4. I think the one I eat the most often would be a thin spaghetti. It's light enough to go with many sauces, but not as thin as angel hair, which tends to stick together too much. But it's lighter than regular spaghetti, which can get a bit heavy once it soaks up the sauce. Aside from that, my next runner ups would be small rigatoni and tortellini. I prefer the compact size of both, since they are easy to eat and they hold their shape. Larger size rigatoni take up a lot of space on the plate, and they can sometimes be too thick and heavy. Tortellini are versatile in that they can be served with a sauce or used in soups. With soups in particular, they will hold their shape even if they've been soaking in broth for a while. I like ravioli, but it's hit or miss with them how large they will be. Some places make them so huge, they just fall apart when you're trying to spoon them on to a plate.
  5. When I was growing up there was this little Italian restaurant that remained hidden on the side of a building in my hometown's downtown area. There I would always order the manicotti. I've never had manicotti that good anywhere else. I'm to the point where I want it to be my favorite pasta, but it really depends on who is preparing it.
  6. Do you know that meat is actually harmful for ones health? I love any pasta which is not staffed with meat. Cheese will be best for me.
  7. I love all pastas, but I'd have to go with conchiglie (AKA shells, for those of you with lesser pasta knowledge). However if I want a good all around diverse pasta I'd choose penne. If you're having a party, I'd wager it's impossible for anyone there to hate penne!
  8. Oh wow yeah I have never heard of Conchiglie (Great to know i will definitely be making this for my husband!!!) Do you really think Penne is the best pasta for gatherings?? I personally think you can never go wrong with Spaghetti mysefl
  9. My favorite type of pasta is probably trofie with pesto. Trofie are like gnocchi but for the northern part of Italy, they are kind of similar. :p I wish I could eat it everyday! :)
  10. Hm, Meat CAN be harmful for ones health. That is if you consume too much of it - like all things. Or if you consume "bad" or "processed" meat. Especially processed meat. Those are just edible cancer risks.

    I do agree with you though, pasta with a minimal amount of meat is yummy.
  11. I like pasta, period. I really like to eat and pasta is one of my favorite things so I can't pick only one kind. I tend to prefer fresh pasta rather than dry one so I love tortllini, ravioli, lasagna, cannelloni, gnocchi. If I'd have to pick only one, I'd go with lasagna. It's very easy to make and there are some really good recipes. I could eat every day artichoke lasagna for example, it's so yummy!
    If I have to pick a favorite kind of dry pasta, it would be a tie between linguini and fusilli but I'm not really picky about the pasta's shape, what it really matters to me, it's the sauce, I think it's the thing that makes the difference.
  12. I am a big pasta fan and I simply cannot say this is my favourite but definitely I am a fan of some pastas with less sauce and since I worked as a chef in a big hotel near the see with mostly Italian cuisine I have made quite a list of pasta recipes in my cook book. One of my favourites is very simple and it goes like this.
    You will need a pack of spaghetti, fresh basil, fresh parsley, several cloves of garlic, ground pepper, parmesan and olive oil and of course salt.
    In a pan put some olive oil that can be shortly heated like this but you can use any other oil because you put enough to cover the frying pan. You chop several cloves of garlic roughly in big pieces and put them on hot oil just to get brownish. While doing that your spaghetti should be al dente and rinsed, ready to hop in in frying pan.
    When garlic is almost brownish you put finely chopped basil, a lot of it, ground pepper and spaghetti. Toss around several times and remove from the heat. While hot chop up the parsley and add to spaghetti. Mix everything nicely, put some on the plate, sprinkle with quality olive oil and put a generous amount of parmesan.
  13. My favourite is fussili for sure!

    I ate a lot of penne while I was in college, because my father was keep buying it for me, but nowadays I only buy fussili or farfalle. Also love gnocchi, but I prefer to make it for myself.
  14. Oh man this is a tough one because we all know that there are so many to choose from. I love lasagna and I would love to say the long, thicker pasta but I know that is not really what we are getting at so I won't do that. I would say tortellini but again that might be cheating a little bit because it is stuffed with something, so I will just say linguine, the texture goes nice with the lighter sauces, which are the ones that I enjoy more.
  15. I love spaghetti, sure, but I like carbonara more. Spaghetti is so common, and even though there are lots of various preparations that it takes for the sauce, I still think they taste the same at the end. Carbonara is definitely my favorite, as it's not as common in restaurants, and you would be able to appreciate the taste without it getting stale from consuming it too much. For me, it's a special occasion kind of thing, and that's what makes it great.
  16. This is a difficult question. Pasta is not only the greatest food on earth, but it is also very broad in regards to variety. At the present moment, I would have to say Linguini! ;)
  17. Capellini (Angel Hair) is my #1 favorite. I like this variety because it is very light, and goes well with just about any dish I make. In addition to using it in my Pasta dishes, I also put it in my Soups, and my Seafood dishes. It's a very versatile pasta that goes well with just about anything.:)
  18. I am not sure what this particular one is called, but it is up there with my favorites thanks to a trip to a restaurant recently. It is the large shells that you stuff, and they look like giant sea shells. I will remember what they are called and I'll be back.

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