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Favorite Italian Dish

Discussion in 'General Discussion About Italy' started by Intergurl, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. Italy is known for their exquisite cuisine all around the world. What's your favorite Italian dish?

    Mine has to be Salmon Ravioli; it is the single greatest thing I've ever tasted. I even taught myself how to cook it. Now it's become a tradition in our family. We eat it every Sunday when everyone's at the table, talking to each other and enjoying the food. Yum!
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  2. My favourite Italian dish is Salami. It is a sausage consisting of pork. I really love it. It tastes so good. Just like you, Salami is the only Italian dish that we eat every Sunday.
  3. When it comes to cuisine, Italy as got some if the best dishes in the world, so its its very hard to choose a favourite for me.

    If I had to choose one dish that I make, and we eat the most though, it would have to be the good old Spaghetti Bolognese.
  4. It would be almost impossible to pick one dish because I am a true pasta lover and you can make a new pasta dish every day if you put your mind to it. If I had to choose it would be a simple pasta dish like the one with garlic, basil, parsley and parmesan on top. I really do not know the name of this pasta but I prefer it more than those with sauces. It is made with spaghetti and it is just blended with olive oil and cheese. It is wonderfully simple and beautiful.
  5. Pasta that is cooked well is always the best Italian dish to me. Personally I prefer a tomato, pesto, or butter based sauce as they are much lighter and absorb into the pasta too. My favored choice would be pesto linguine, or with fettuccine for me with good quality butter or olive oil, with some goo bread to soak up sauce. I find it much better to have a small portion of well cooked pasta, rather than a large portion of over cooked pasta which sadly ruins it.
  6. Gotta go with their classic pasta delicacies. They sure know how to make them, in fact, when I went there last year, it was the only type of food I asked in restaurants. Provided, I kind of missed a LOT of the food they had to offer, but I am a very simple person that gets what I like, no matter how many times I eat it.
  7. Looking at the posts on this thread, I'm quite surprised that pizza isn't at the top of the list as I think I read somewhere that pizza is the most eaten food in the western world (or something like that?)

    I know that Italian pizza is different than what we get from Pizza hut, but it's still classed as an Italian dish I would have thought?
  8. Strolghino is my favourite Italian dish. It is prepared from Pork. It's my favourite food of all time. I really love this dish. I eat it every saturday.
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  9. Is there a reason that you eat it only on every Saturday, if you don't mind me asking? I'm assuming you cook and prepare it from scratch aswell so what sort of recipe do you use? I'd be willing to give it a go, that's the only reason for all the questions, haha!
  10. My feelings on my favorite Italian dish change with my mood! Right now, I would love lasagne or some ravioli...but other times I feel like gnocchi, or risotto...or pizza - it all depends!

    I feel like there are just so many amazing foods that are Italian that it's hard to pick just one, you know?
  11. Mine i home made gnocchi with various mushrooms and funghi on top. I just live for gnocchi, I think that I could eat it until my deathbed. So mushroom sauces are a big thing for me, on pasta, gnocchi or bruschetta whatever, just give me all the mushrooms.
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  12. Gnocchi ai 4 formaggi, but I also adore any type of pasta with ragù alla bolognese. I can also eat any type of bruschetta daily, specially the classic tomato and basil one, to thing that bruschetta was a poor people food, basically stale and hard bread topped with tomato and olive oil to make it a little more palatable, and now it is sold at high end restaurants.
  13. My fаvоritе Itаliаn dish is pоlеntа in vеnisоn sаuсе. Simplе but supеr dеliсiоus.
    Surprisingly my fаvоritе Itаliаn pаstа is асtuаlly сасiо е pеpе. Simplе but tо thе pоint. If yоu аrе in Rоmе, dеfinitеly try this pаstа.
    In thе summеr I rеаlly еnjоy sоmе grillеd Itаliаn fillеt with sоmе grillеd typiсаl Itаliаn vеggiеs оr а rосkеt sаlаd.
  14. Hаnds dоwn fоr mе is оrессhiеttе (littlе еаrs) pаstа with Brоссоli Rаbе аnd Sаusаgе.
    Its а grеаt, hеаrty Sоuthеrn Itаliаn mеаl.
  15. I would have to say my favorite Italian Dish is Meatballs, Angelhair Pasta, Salad and a nice crusty Garlic Bread. Every Sunday growing up we would have all of the family over for dinner, I remember my Father would cook the sauce all day and we would sneak in the kitchen and dip our bread in it. :rolleyes:
  16. I love most Italian pastas especially Bolognese and Chicken Parmesan :) Whenever we have occasions, I normally cook Carbonara or Spaghetti since people in our household love pastas! I've once tasted Puttanesca spaghetti and it's one of the best :D I would like to cook it for my family but too bad they don't like it :(

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