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Favorite Italian Dining Place In America

Discussion in 'Italian Food and Drink' started by dannyboy, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. My favorite Italian dining place has to be Cafe Milano in Washington D.C. It is located in the Georgetown neighborhood. It is a very classy and sophisticated setting. A lot of nice food at this place and a excellent selection of upscale wine.
  2. When I visit Boston I love going for dinner in the North end. It is the Italian section of Boston. You can tell which restaurants are good by the crowds. A lot of restaurants don't take reservations, you can see a line of people waiting outside just to eat there. There are so many good places its hard to just choose one.
  3. One place I loved in Los Angeles when we were visiting family there is called Sotto. The food was amazing and it was one of those places that just had a really nice atmosphere too, which is one of the things I also enjoy when I go out for a meal!

    The website is here if you want to check it out - NEW YEARS EVE 2016

    I'm looking forward to going back there at some point!
  4. These are some of the best Italian caf├ęs in New York City
    - Picolla Cucina
    - Via Della Pace Pizza
    - Rafele
    - Patsy's Italian Restaurant
    - Eataly
    - Pisillo Italian Restaurant
    - Del Posto
  5. When I was visiting the States studying abroad in Maryland, one of my favorite Italian places was "Casa del Gatto". They don't seem to have any online presence and might not be open anymore :(, but the owners were very nice and had a delicious Pasta e fagioli, which is pasta and beans basically.

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