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Favorite Car

Discussion in 'Travel and Tourism In Italy' started by dystedd, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Favorite Car

    What is your favorite car manufactured by an Italian manufacturer? There are a couple of good car makers sports cars and such. Just wondering what the favorite is.
  2. Re: Favorite Car

    Has to be a Ferrari but unless i win the lottery i don't think i'll ever get the chance to even take a test drive in one.
  3. Re: Favorite Car

    I am feeling the agitation and delight when I am looking at Ferrari. It is my beloved car. I think that it is a masterpiece of the automobile industry of Italy.
  4. Re: Favorite Car

    I have to go along with the Ferrari. There might be others out there worthy, but I've grown up watching and admiring those Ferrari vehicles. It would be hard to put another manufacturer above it.
  5. Re: Favorite Car

    For style it has to be the Ferrari , both Formula 1 and road cars. I'm a bit surprised that nobody has mentioned the Lamborghini though - surely the style icons car of choice ??
  6. I would not say no to a lamborghini either. :)

  7. That is one hell of a car!

    It's amazing to think that Lamborghini first started its business by making tractors. After Mr Lamborghini was unhappy with a a Ferrari car that he owned, he decided to make his own. Business took off from there.
  8. It's amazing that two of the most famous sports cars are produced less than 50km in distance from each other!
  9. Masaerati Granturismo is my favourite Italian car. Also i like the Lambo Reventon. The Lambourghini factory is 10 mins from my doorstep and if you give the locals a choice between Ferrari or Lambourghini they will go for Ferrari "because it is an Italian owned company" My wifes' brother was a test driver for the Lambos until he moved to Maranello.
  10. I know it's not a car, but my favorite Italian vehicle is a Vespa. How can anyone not love this iconic Italian motor scooter? When I saw my first Vespa at the age of 10 it was love at first sight.
  11. I believe they have new vespa models out as I saw some in a shopping centre last week.
  12. Can't decide in between Lamborghini and Maserati. I guess I like both, but then again, who doesn't? Italian car are exotic. And they possess a certain beauty and appeal, not to mention power. Choosing a make isn't that difficult, but model... now that's a different story.

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