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Favorite Bar

Discussion in 'Rome' started by serialexpat, Feb 8, 2015.

  1. ok what's your favorite spot to grab a coffee? Most people are drawn to the large piazzas but my favorite spot is around the corner from the Pantheon. It's called Sant Eustachio and is named for the church in front of it. I'd say it's famous based on its notarity from the 1950s when all the movie stars went there. But it has stood the test of time because the coffee is good. They have a special sugary creme they add to the coffee that's thier signature. It is also a torrefazione meaning they roast their own coffee. I love it and always buy coffee beans to take home for myself. I also have to buy for my relatives back home so it makes a great souvenir!
  2. Oohh... you meant in Rome. Hmm... I've never been to Rome (YET! :) ) so I really can't help you. But, I'm joining in the conversation, so when I will get to visit Italy's capital, I'll known where to go first :D
    My boyfriend and I have this 'tradition', each time we arrive somewhere, first things first: we grab a coffee!

    I'd also be interested to find out about the prices. Rome is a very touristy city, so I imagine the large piazzas you say people are drawn to have higher prices, correct?
  3. No no I just meant anywhere in Italy. The one I listed isn't close to where we live(d) so it's just a special occasion one I love going to.

    Rome is expensive for your average tourist who's never been to Italy or never traveled. I think you probably know how it works, ie avoid places with tourist menus, big restaurants in front of major attractions ect. I was so thirsty one day I got a coke at a table in a cafe in front of the Vatican....8 euros later I only had myself to blame! Just go around the corner or down the street from these places and you'll be fine!

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