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Farmers Hut - TA - Puglia

Discussion in 'Taranto' started by Veronese, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. Farmers Hut - TA - Puglia

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    This is a picture i took in the middle of the countryside in Puglia. I'm not 100% sure of what it is used for but can only guess it's for farmers to use to store tools or a place to relax when working the Land.

    Any Ideas?

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  2. Funny isn't it! It's like a pyramid. Did it have a door?
  3. These are called 'pagghiare' and are very old buildings. They do have a door and are quite big inside. Used often to store grain and other food.

    Google might tell more about them.
  4. Thanks for informing us cain of the 'pagghiare'

    I'll do a search a bit later and see what info i can find.
  5. Ive tried doing a search on this and the best i come up with is.

    The Pagghiare is built in a similar way to the Trullo but without the cone shaped roof, these old stone structures were originally used for storing hay and are locally known as Pajare or Pagghiare.

    Anyone else come up with any other info?
  6. Try this Italian link:


    This will tell about these buildings for you.
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  7. Thanks for the link cain. That explains much more than what i found.

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