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Facts About Italy

Discussion in 'General Discussion About Italy' started by Joie d'Etre, Feb 19, 2015.

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    Some of these are very simple and obvious, but I like the one that says "Italy has more masterpieces per square mile than any other country, reflecting the country's love for great art."

    I wonder if it includes the masterpieces held in museum storage rooms because of lack of fund to restore it and bring it out (or just because it's there).
  2. 14.. more earthquakes than Japan ?
  3. Ooh, thanks for showing this Joie, it's very cool! I knew some things, like how pizza and ice cream cones were invented in Italy, a long with eyeglasses. I didn't know about the fact that Italy had more hotel rooms then any other country in Europe though!
  4. Wow! Didn't know Italy experienced earthquakes. Ice Cream cones invented here also, I cant believe that. I did know about the median age limit as there are a lot of older aged people here. This really opened my eyes for sure.
  5. I had never realized that Italy is only slightly larger than the state of Arizona. It seems so much bigger with all its regions. I suppose the culture makes the country seem bigger than what it is. This is a pretty cool chart. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Italy has always been the center of the world.
    I know a lot about the history of Italian history, since it is not difficult.There is a wealth of information about Italy and only want to be.
  7. I had no idea eyeglasses were invented in Italy! I have a lot to thank them for, I see. Hahah.
    I find it extremely interesting how the money thrown into the Trevi Fountain is actually used for something so significant as helping the needy, instead of perhaps pocketing it!
  8. I think that the most interesting fact about Italy is that it has not existed as a unified nation for as long as people tend to think. Also, it is interesting to note that over one-fifth of the population of Italy is over 65 years old. Just goes to show that this country is a perfect place to retire and enjoy the last chapters of life.
  9. The wolf is the unofficial national animal is curious. I did not even think of the animals and possible wildlife there when we visited. I wonder what other wild big animals they have? What region does the wolf reside?
  10. Most common wild animals in Italy: Boar, Wolf, Bear, Roe Deer, Rock-Goat, Moufflon.
    Eagle, Vulture, many species of Hawk
    Viper is not a big animal, but is the number one danger for hikers.
  11. In regard to Masterpieces, I wonder which artist is most prominent. Also I wonder what Italian's think about artists who are not Italian. What is taught in regard to art history. How is it taught since so much of the past art was famous in their country.
  12. Hermman, thanks for the reply. Now I wonder if Italians hunt certain animals like the bear, boar, or deer like outdoorsmen in the United States.
  13. The Marsican Bear living in Italy is a protected species you can't hunt.
    Boar and Roe are hunted and have their place in italian cooking.
  14. I actually would imagine that the legend of Remus and Romulus, the two brothers who were fed by a mother wolf before having all their drama and founding Rome, have something to do with the wolf being the unofficial national animal? Mythology and legend and all.
  15. I would imagine Da Vinci and Michaelangelo are some of the most famous artists in the world and they happen to be Italian. It would be a hard choice to make between the two. There are many more, but as streets and museums are named after them, I think they are the most famous Italian artists.
  16. The oddest thing is the voting ages. Why separate them? Is there some special importance to the Senate? Also is voting mandatory there?
  17. Italy lies in Southern Europe.A flight to Rome take roughly 2.5 hours from London/England.A flight to Rome take roughly 8 hours from New York/USA.The highest mountain of Italy can be found in the Alps. It is the Monte Bianco, better known as Mont Blanc, which is 4,807m. The Po is Italys longest river.Italian is a language which is coming from Latin and you still can recognize the roots.Not all people in Italy speak proper Italian.Italians are famous for their inventions and discoveries. The Italian explorers Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci discovered the Americas while Marco Polo explored the East.
  18. No, is not mandatory.
    Voting ages are separated cause they think extremist parties find more support in the younger part of population.
    So the concept is containment of extremist parties in one of the two chambers.
  19. Wait, so just because the younger generation tend to vote for the extremists, they passed a law to raise the minimum voting age? That doesn't seem very fair...
  20. This is good to know. A lot of these facts I have never heard before. I had no idea that eye glasses were invented in Italy. The fact about 1/5 of the population being over 65 doesn't surprise me. I knew the life expectancy was on the older side in Italy. I think its because of their diet and exercise.
    I also had no idea that they experienced a lot of earth quakes. I would have thought Chile experienced the most.

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