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Expensive Life In Italy

Discussion in 'Employment' started by tasha, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. I have wanted to go back to Italy for a while now and would love to go and work there but family there say that the cost of living is so high and the work is very scarce also because they have allowed a lot of immigrants into the country which has now cost a fortune and the pensioners some extra work time.
    I would love to retire there then but also cant do that because the pension is not that great and it wouldn't get me too far. Not that the pension in any other country is good either!!
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  2. I share your reservations, with the Euro the cost is much higher than it should be and it has changed things in Italy and that it does deter me. I would like to go and spend some time there and before I could do on a budget and still eat out, but now I think it would be much harder. I think traveling around is still fine, it's the general cost of living, rents, taxes and food that is higher than it should be in relation to the wages.
  3. Yes, staying in Italy is expensive from what I see on tv. I'm really trying to save throughout the year and have enough money by next year to take a trip there. Italy has amazing cities, the culture is wonderful, small villages, and the whole nine. Also the food there is heaven as they don't use so much processed material in there cuisines, unlike America.
  4. It seems like the days of the starving artist residing in Italy is over. It is much too expensive to live a life of eating out and enjoying the culture unless you are a high wage earner. People have to rethink the idea of retiring there as well. It seems that we rethink the thought of traveling to Italy as well because of the cost and the Euro. As it seems the immigrant influx has contributed to this issue, I wonder how this population manages as most of them earn very little. I read somewhere that immigrants in Italy were happier than the other populations despite the state of the economy.
  5. I think things will get better. For young people, it's interesting to be able to solve problems. Problem solving skills are essential, and quite possible the thing that will bring in money, when job is scarce. It sounds more expensive to be living there because there aren't enough resources to maintain the desired life style. I really hope things get less depressing.
  6. Honestly, I'd like to stay in one of the small villages. I like that old school vibe and really wouldn't want to live in Milan or the other big cities there. If I found the right job that could support the cost of living, I'll be there in a NewYork minute.
  7. I am assuming that you are American, and the Euro and dollar difference is definitely difficult to transfer. Living in almost any European is expensive compared to living in the United States. I would definitely still look out for job and home opportunities out there, because I am sure that everyone on these forums would be ecstatic to live anywhere in Italy.
  8. Yeah, you're right about that. I'll have to have some kind of job lined up first before going. Right now, I just want to take a vacation there to get a feel for it.
  9. A vacation to Italy is better than a vacation anywhere else haha!
  10. That is what most people would love if you don't have to think about an income. Having the internet does make it more feasible, but high paying jobs in a village doesn't exist. Italy can be cheaper than living in a major US city, but work is the issue unless you run your own business. Many companies are still family based or through who you know.
  11. Well.. it's not that bad! If it were, I would have moved back to my home country a long time ago :D

    The thing is, it's true, work is scarce and often, people who hire you might sometimes take advantage of you because they kind of can. It's either their way or the highway... However, not everyone is like that and there are still plenty jobs you could do in Italy, depending on what you are willing to do and also, what you can do.
    If you have some professional training in a field, you could try and put that to good use :)
    If not, there are plenty of jobs to be found in factories (big or small) or as an employee in a small business (I've actually seen lots of small businesses opening lately! It's a nice thing to see, for a change!), you could work in sales or, better yet, you could start your own small business if you think you can grow it and live off it :)

    What I'm saying is, if immigrants can find jobs, so can you! Besides, the economic crisis is kind of over. Even in Italy :) Many say it's not, but I think many people got too used to the idea that the economy is soooo bad, they don't realize things are moving forward. Slowly, but they're moving!
  12. Italy does seem expensive but no more so than it was twenty years ago. I used to work in the Hotel industry with several Italians who had all left their homeland either to find work or to obtain a higher standard of living.

    Of course a lot depends on which area of Italy you wish to live, villages will always be cheaper than the major cities and the south of Italy is generally a cheaper region. Food is expensive, especially eating out, things like petrol and energy prices are fairly high. Healthcare is free however, but be aware Italian taxation is among the highest in the world.
  13. I could definitely say that they are right, I am always looking to go back and live in my home country, but the cost of living there is so expensive, their are hardly any jobs and going back home to live the way I used to in hardships seems a little less like something I want to be going through honestly.
  14. That is actually a good idea :)
    For anyone wanting to emigrate, finding a job first is so much better than arriving to a foreign country with only your clothes on our back.

    I also agree with worldmachine, it really depends on where you want to live!
    In the South, life is less expensive than in the North. Also, living in a big city in a rented apartment downtown is so much more expensive than living in a one bedroom apartment in the suburbs. Prices differ from city to city, from city to village and, of course, from one part of town to another.

    I'd also like to add that Italy, for retirement, is actually not a bad idea. Of course, it depends on your pension. If you have a €300 pension then definitely don't come here! But if one has the possibility to buy a small home and a decent pension - I see no problem in choosing Italy as the place to spend the rest of your life!
  15. I think living in any european city is expensive, I dont know if i'd put an Italian city any more expensive than london, paris or madrid?

    A lot of it would also depend on how you live your life aswell, i'd imagine that people can live quite comfortably if they are careful about how they spend the hard earned wages.
  16. I'd say it's relative talking about life in Italy being expensive. It depends on the city you are coming from, if the living conditions is at par with Italy then it wouldn't look expensive to you. My current city is quite expensive, I am thinking it's more expensive than Italy. The very good aspect I love about Italy is the generous nature, integrating immigrants into the system.
  17. I think that it is pretty easy to base things off of a trip there with how expensive it is, but I would imagine that once you are there for a bit you start to adapt and things are more manageable. Any place with a significant population probably has cheaper places, you just have to go find them.
  18. In my еxpеriеnсе living in Rоmе оr Milаn оr Flоrеnсе, аrе rеаlly еxpеnsivе, if yоu livе dоwntоwn; if yоu livе in suburbs yоu will hаvе tо dеаl with thе trаffiс tо rеасh yоur wоrkplасе, аnd thаt it's а lоt оf timе аnd gаs wаstеd аnd а lоt оf strеss, bаsiсаlly yоu соuld spеnd а lоt in dоwntоwn аnd hаvе nо саr, оr hаvе tо spеnd timе trаvеlling tо gеt tо yоur wоrkplасе.
    Gаsоlinе is vеry еxpеnsivе, likе 1.40€/l with thе оil sо lоw.
    Tаxеs аrе wаy tоо high, tаx оn gооds (саllеd IVа) is аt 22% (сrаzy), unеmplоymеnt is high, sеrviсеs аrе nоt thаt gооd.
  19. Sоuthеrn Itаly is wаy сhеаpеr, wаgе аrе wаy lоwеr, sеrviсеs аrе, оn аvеrаgе, wоrst thаn оn thе nоrth. It's mоrе frеquеnt thаt yоu sее thаt thеy аvоid tо dо thе fisсаl rесipе, sо yоu pаy lеss, but thеy dоn't pаy tаxеs, in thе lаst dесаdеs this thing wаs grоwing еvеn in thе nоrth, nоw thе gоvеrnmеnt is trying tо fight this bаd соstumе, but it's nоt thе rеаl prоblеm tо fосus оn.
  20. Good one, interesting to know that the cost of living in Southern Italy is quite cheap. It would have been finer if you had mention one or two main cities in the South that will be a good place to live.

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