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Events In Genoa - Genova

Discussion in 'Genoa' started by Veronese, May 17, 2008.

  1. Events In Genoa - Genova

    Current events in Genova city and province area will be posted in this thread. If you know of an event in the Genova area, feel free to add it here.
  2. Palazzo Bianco - Genoa

    From The Cradle To The Altar.

    Scenes Of Female Life In The Belle Epoque'.

    Drawing from the great patrimony of Genoese public collections, the idea of the exhibition is to offer an overall picture of women’s fashion and lifestyle in the period running between the end of the 800’s and first decade of the XX century. A period full of ferment and innovations, reflected in the continual changes dictated by fashion, the woman’s image is also in continual evolution during this quarter of a century. The ideal picture of the romantic heroine and guardian angel of the hearth stone are cancelled by the image of restless sensual women, heroines from Gabriele D’Annunzio’s novels. Similar revolutionary changes are also recorded in the production field, opening up the way to contemporary fashion designers. With the great American dressmaker Worth, the designer becomes the arbiter elegantiarum, launching new fashions for clothing and imposing well defined decisions which a woman of class cannot possibly avoid.
    The purpose of the display is to reconstruct the salient moments in the life of a medium to high middle class woman: marriage, maternity, times to enjoy the social life and times for intimacy, presenting a lavish selection of clothes and accessories accurately documented, comprising printed matters and magazines of the times. The exhibition, also offering the public the opportunity to admire some recent private donations made to public collections of fabrics belonging to the city of Genoa, will be accompanied by a catalogue edited by De Ferrari.

    Until October 10th 2008

    Palazzo Bianco Website
  3. Palazzo Ducale - Genova

    Genoa is preparing to host an unusual exhibition of work by influential Italian abstract artist, Lucio Fontana, in which the pieces on display will be grouped according to colour. The Palazzo Ducale will showcase around 120 sculptures and paintings by the multifaceted artist who founded the Spatialist movement. Numerous exhibits have paid tribute to Fontana's work but the arrangement of the Genoa show will offer a unique perspective on his sculpture and paintings. Each room in the Palazzo Ducale will feature work of a single colour, mixing a variety of forms and styles from different periods of his career.

    ''It will be a singular, comparative show, intended to highlight the essential basics in Fontana's artistic process, as well as his conceptual origins,'' explained Sergio Casoli, one of the event's two curators. Fontana (1899-1968), born to an Italian father and an Argentine mother, spent time in both Italy and Argentina before finally settling here. He published his first issue of the Manifesto Spaziale magazine in 1947, in which he developed a number of his earlier ideas, calling for art that embraced science and technology.

    Transferring these ideas into practical art, he made increasing use of neon light and radio, and in the 1950s, started work on his famous slash paintings, making vertical cuts or punching holes in the surface of his canvases.

    This series of paintings, part of his abstract period, are probably the pieces most familiar to the general public. They have had a lasting influence on modernist visions of art and fetch high prices in auctions today.

    The Genoa exhibition will cover all the phases of his career and there will be an entire section devoted to the 'spatial environments' Fontana created in the early 1950s.


    Using neon tubes and sophisticated lighting, these were effectively the first installations in art history. His famous arabesque neon installation, created for the 1950 Milan Triennial, will be displayed here. Another section explores Fontana's fascination with ceramics, most of which he produced in Liguria. This part will include an 'aquarium' containing his coloured ceramic sculptures of marine life. The exhibition runs in Genoa's Palazzo Ducale.

    From October 22 until February 15.

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