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Europe’s Olive Trees Threatened By Spread Of Deadly Bacteria

Discussion in 'Puglia' started by Aurelia, Jan 23, 2015.

  1. The Guardian article link:

    "Europe’s olive trees threatened by spread of deadly bacteria'', the Guardian says, and I find it's something to be concerned about. We probably don't think much about ecology, but if this bacteria spreads... a lot of trees will suffer. This is especially true for Apulia's trees. It's really worrying, especially if we consider the danger of spreading. Not only is Apulia hit by this bacteria, but possibly so will be the rest of Italy, and even Europe. Italy really depends on olive trees. We all adore the olive oil. This sounds like a danger.

    Apparently, the trees turn yellow and the branches start falling off. If it continues like this, we'll have almost no olive trees left and the price of olive oil will definitely go up, along with everything else that is made of olives. It seems that some Spanish and Italian growers were careless during the 2014. The harvests have gone down... Well, we can probably assume what happens next. There are so many potential hosts for the bacteria, including the cherry and oak, and these two are so widespread.
  2. This is such a shame. I hope they can get it under control. The olive trees in Italy are iconic. It was my understanding that olive trees are pretty sturdy. We have one and hardly do much to it, but every year it produces nice olives, it feels nice to have them around, like a little nostalgia of old world Italy.

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