Elderly in Genova to get protection bracelet


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Sep 10, 2007
Elderly in Genova to get protection bracelet

A group of old people in the Italian city of Genoa will soon be testing a high-tech electronic bracelet designed to comfort and protect them at all times.

The bracelet, produced by a local company, has a built-in smoke alarm and burglar detector. At the touch of a finger, the wearer will also be able to activate the 'telecomfort' function.

This involves video and audio contact with a central control station where volunteers will be able to offer practical and moral support throughout the day. At night the bracelet will provide wearers with a hot-line to the local police station.

The device, which makes use of high-speed internet and webcams, can also be used to chat with family members.

The 50 elderly Genoa residents who are about to try out the bracelets for three months are currently being selected with the help of local volunteer support groups.

Genoa Mayor Marta Vincenzi said the initiative showed how security was not something to be faced with dramatic, sporadic action but by supplying simple services.

It's important to see the issue of security as a service rather than an emergency. In this case, technology is providing the service, she said.