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Ebola - The Most Talked About Topic On The News

Discussion in 'Health and Education' started by Rosie, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. So strange, no one talks about the "emergenza ebola" on this forum.. It's literally all people talk about these weeks...

    I, for one, am not that worried. I mean, sure, I'm a bit scared, but there were two doctors who spoke on a show just a short while ago (the "Le Iene Show", if anyone's curious), and confirmed the stuff I've been reading and asking about all along, you can't really get infected that easily, it's not your regular cold.... you'd have to really be in contact with an infected person to get it. Anyway, this is the link to the service, if any of you understand Italian :)

    So... does all this ebola talk make you scared in any way?
    Would you be afraid to travel to Italy, knowing how many people are immigrating from Africa every day? Or, are you afraid to travel from Italy, to any destination?
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  2. I must admit that I am not that worried myself. It's an epidemic, to be sure, and could be very dangerous if you got infected, but as you'd just said, it's not that easy to get infected in the first place. Besides, you can always carry around a packet of wet tissues and a small bottle of disinfectant in your bag, if it will make you feel safer, for the cases of ''emergencies''.
  3. I'm really not too worried about it. You'd have to be really in contact with an infected person in order to catch it.

    I have to admit though, that the WHO really needs to tighten measures and has been quite slack in doing so when the outbreak occurred. I was really surprised that things were so lenient and I thought that it was just my own perception of things, then the WHO admitted that they had been dropping the ball.
  4. I don't want to sound like a mad person saying this is all a conspiracy, but come on, they could have contained it where it started, now it's all over the place: Europe, USA and, of course, Africa. Something tells me someone did this on purpose, or they're just trying to scare everyone.

    Unfortunately, scaring people works.
    I'm not all that concerned I'm gonna get infected if I get out of the house, but since there are so many immigrants coming in from the infected areas, I admit I was kind of scared for my boyfriend for a while because he has this work colleague who decided to go home to Africa for the whole month of August... then he came back... so, yeah, I was a tad nervous :D Oh, and then this guy brought a cousin with him, to work in the same place... so now there were 2 people who have just flown in from Africa! But it's all ok, they're healthy :p
  5. I wouldn't be afraid to travel to Italy. I would be happy to be traveling to Italy. Sometimes the media seems to be into fear mongering. This is when I could kinda sorta believe in conspiracy theories.

    The problem is Ebola is so highly contagious, and it probably mutates the same way HIV does. I don't know if you all remember or saw "And the Band Played On", a movie which came out in the '90s about the onset of AIDS. The movie opens in a remote village in Africa, the medics (or whomever) arrive covered from head to toe in white suits, and everyone is dead from Ebola. They burned the village down, if memory serves me correctly. It was a very powerful scene that I still remember 20 years later. But I haven't been exposed to either HIV or Ebola, so really I think there is little to fear unless you're in the medical profession, share needles, or have sex with someone infected.
  6. This is true. I have found this just a moment ago, and I'd like to share:
    It's about what you should do when travelling to areas affected by Ebola. One of the first steps is ''wash hands frequently''. Fairly straightforward and easy to follow. As I said, I am not really worried about this - because it is transferred by blood, so it requires contact, but there's a little catch - ''fruit bats'' and ''nonhuman primates''. These animals can carry and transmit the disease. I am not the type to go in zoos and animal centres, but you never know.
  7. Everybody needs to be cautious about ebola but nothing really to worry about. I am sure that the country as a whole is taking enough protection and prevention to be far away from this disease. I think it is really important that everybody know about the disease and is completely aware about it.
  8. There is nothing to be worried about as long as you keep your typical cleanliness routine. Wash your hands often, and see the doctor if you've been unwell. Keep on checking the news for updates. Italy is a developed nation, and unless people start eating dead animals off the ground, you'll probably die of something else before you die of Ebola. Stay safe!
  9. ^ LOL, Nate!!! I think we're good, Italians are civilized people, road kill won't become anyone's lunch anytime soon :rolleyes: :p

    There has been an update regarding the deadly, horrible, OMG-run-for-your-lives disease.

    First of all, a few days ago they have brought home (to Italy) one of the doctors who has been to Africa and got infected with the virus. He was brought to the hospital in Rome and they say he's actually doing better, which is great news (if the news is 100% true, of course, we can never be sure they're telling us everything on TV :D).

    On another note, it seems that the UK will be making some vaccines, there have been some new discoveries about the antidote, and scientists seem to have found something that works. Well, we'll see, only time will tell.
  10. Absolutely Ebola outbreaks makes me scared. Taking preventative measures is always the key, especially when traveling to infected locations. I try to follow certain steps to help prevent infection, such as washing my hands frequently, non consumption of wild meats sold in markets, I avoid areas that have been known to have the outbreaks etc. Yes I would still travel Rosie, with preventative measures though.:)
  11. It is really scary when these issues just come creeping up on us without warning really. This one is a particularly bothersome one too because it just seems to always be a threat.
  12. Actually, it's been quite a while since I've heard of Ebola, so I think it's pretty much controlled, at least in Europe. Since last year that I haven't heard about it in the news, and the last I heard was that some African countries still had outbreaks, but that they were about to receive external support. Any development since then?

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