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Eat, Pray, Love

Discussion in 'Italian Music, Film and TV' started by ABC123, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. I have not seen this movie. I was wondering about the overall title. Is it a way of life in Italy. Do the families still have a foundation in their religion beliefs. I believe in the U.S.A the Christian religion is losing its population. Do most Italian pray with their meals? Are they about marriage and live or are they doing what many in the U.S.A are doing, which are living together? Lastly, was the movie good? What kind of person would enjoy it?
  2. I can't answer all your questions but I did see the movie. The title marks the three phases the lead character goes through during her journey of self-discovery and yes, she starts with the good food in Italy. :) That's the Eat part. Then she learns how to pray on some island, forgive me, I forgot which, it could be Bali or one of those. She finds her inner peace. She learns to Pray. Then she finds her soulmate - Love. It's not a movie everyone would enjoy, it's slow at times and focuses a lot on character development, so not a lot of action or plot twists or surprises. But it's memorable, one of those movies that make you think about it long after you have seen it.
  3. I personally found the movie to be really drawn out and boring. I've also listened to the audiobook as well, which was slightly better and more interesting. The film was partly shot in Italy I think, and I will say that it made the country look very beautiful, and the food looked amazing (then again, we all KNOW that it's amazing).
  4. Eat Pray Love is not about Italian religious practices. The story takes place in Italy (where she eats and enjoys life), India (where she finds spirituality with prayer), and Bali (where she goes looking for balance and finds love). It's based on a true story about a woman who spent an year traveling the world. It takes a certain type of interest to enjoy this movie and I don't think the film generally did very well, however it stars Julia Roberts.
  5. I have to admit I have heard about the movie but its definitely not my kind of movie. That's quite a big thing for me to say because I domwatxh everything and anything usually, I have varied taste but this movie was definitely not for me.

    Judging by some of the reviews it was for a lot of others either! I guess it falls into a certain kind of niche category...
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    Before learning about the film, I have been exposed to Eat Pray Love as a blogging theme for a blogging platform. I forgot the blog host, and it's now already defunct and turned into a marketplace. It's not after that blog template was no longer in use that I noticed that a film was being filmed and it's called Eat Pray Love (2010) starring Julia Roberts. A great movie in general, and the promotion or advertising that went into the film was quite huge, considering that during that time digital nomad was not a popular concept.

    And it is a very, very curious concept. Lots of blogs are now, five years later, providing the answers to that question: why go digital nomad? What's the catch (big deal)? Some of the reasons why people go digital nomad is not the reason I had in mind, and some are not trying to go full circle or learn a language only, there is an element of business or entrepreneurial spirit to their stories, too.

    If you do some search on "digital nomad in Italy" you'll find a lot of interesting things, such as:
    • Digital Nomad Guides to places in Italy: Rome, Avellino, other places in Italy;
    • Digital nomad blogs; and
    • digital nomad jobs
    These results are more refined and up-to-date than simply searching for places to visit in Italy or traveling in Italy.

    I think Eat Pray Love is attracting people who are already into or are considering the digital nomad lifestyle for whatever reason, and people who identify with the issue of spirituality, travel (and budgeting) that is being covered in the film.
  7. I have seen it, but it is more like a glorified romantic comedy than a real picture about Italy.

    But I did read the book also, and somehow it was better in my opinion. Of course it is a personal preference and everyone interprets a book in their own way.
  8. I have not seen it, but I definitely have heard of the title. I think it was based on a book? I don't know, but the craze these days is just to get a book, hire a well known actor, and just make a movie with it, multiplying your earnings by millions. I don't mean anything wrong by it, it's just that the originality of movies these days are kind of damaged because most film makers and companies would rather play it safe with a book into a movie rather than original writing, which is really terrible for aspiring movie writers.
  9. I'm familiar with the movie which stars Julia Roberts and some say that it's a great movie, some also says that it's a boring one. But I think it depends on how people perceives the film. It's pretty cool that she travels the world to find her inner peace, and that she had found the love of her life by doing so. I hope there are a lot of scenery of Italy in this movie, and so the food since she spent her time in Italy to eat and enjoy life :)
  10. I just like the title of the movie even if I am yet to actually watch it. I think this should be my kind of music, I would have to go read up the reviews and get to watch the movie at my leisure.
    I would say that's a real striking title, Eat, Pray, Love. Going by the name I'm not seeing it as any that'll be boring movie as some seem to say.
  11. No, sadly it is not as you see in the movie. As many things have changed over the years in other countries, so it is with Italy. The times, in general, have changed....
  12. I feel like I have heard very very mixed reviews about this one, and more so than usual for some reason. I really have no desire to see it so I am not sure that I will, but I am sure I will continue to hear about it.
  13. I didn't rеаd thе bооk but wаtсhеd thе film оn my first flight tо my first hоlidаy. аnd it hеlpеd mе mаkе thе mоst оf thаt hоlidаy. In fасt оnе оf thе bеst brеаks оf my lifе.

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