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Earthquakes in Emilia

Discussion in 'Modena' started by Chillout, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. Earthquakes in Emilia

    After the recent earthqakes in the Parma / Reggio Emilia Area which i felt here in the province of Mantova i would like to share with you a good website for the latest quake info.

    Up until now it still seems that a few aftershocks are being felt in the Parma area some 50 hours after the original quake which what 5.2 in strenth.

    A good site that i have found is for the latest info in Italy and around the world.

    Hope this helps
  2. Aftershocks are still being felt in my area although they are small it is quite concerning. :unsure:
  3. Earthquakes in this region and the regions nearby are actually becoming a regular thing. Unfortunately, of course. I have felt 3 of them myself just last year and I was so scared the lamp was going to fall down.. I'm telling you, they aren't pretty!
  4. Last year we was hit by quite a few strong quakes that sent me sleeping in a tent. Luckily our apartment had no major damage but the quakes scared the life out of me and it took 10 days before I slept in my bed again.

    We was sent home from work one day when we was hit by a 5.9 quake. In the evening people were sleeping in their cars, tents or simply left the area. Mobile phones did not work as everyone was trying to call. Shops all closed for safety reasons. It was really strange to see so many tents everywhere!

    In fact, one of the churches in the small town where I live still has no tower as it cracked during the quakes.

    Things seem to have calmed down now and life is back to normal. :)
  5. I'm so sorry to hear that, Chillout.
    I remember a 'big bad' earthquake of high intensity last year too, I may be talking about the same one. I felt it myself, but luckily I live far enough from the place that was hit by it so it wasn't THAT bad (no buildings were destroyed or anything). I immediately called my significant other but the lines were all down. That was actually the scary part :confused: the fact that you couldn't call your loved ones to see if they're OK.
  6. During the 2012 earthquake in Emilia Romagna I lived near Modena, only 30-40 km away from the epicenter. In my town, there was no major damage, but it was really frightening.
  7. It must have been really frightening to feel the tremors like that, especially if you live so close to the epicenter. I was living in Malaysia in 2004 just after Christmas when the Indian Ocean Tsunami struck. I lived near the sea and I was shocked to see whole fishing boats being lifted from the seashore and deposited by the powerful waves 20 metres inland, right next to my house! No one in my neighborhood was hurt, thank goodness!

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