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Earthquake In Florence

Discussion in 'Florence' started by Chillout, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. There seems to be an increase in seismic activity in the Florence area. So far there has been no damage but residents are on high alert.

    For a live feed, please visit
  2. I've heard :(
    It seems this country is hit by many earthquakes lately... I don't like it... it's kinda scary, considering no one can control or foresee the danger of such natural events :(

    They even closed down a few historical buildings in the area, there were tourists who wanted to visit certain landmarks but the authorities decided to close them down, for safety reasons.

    Schools, some houses and offices were also evacuated, as there was no damage, but the magnitude of the earthquake was 4.1, and in total, there have been about 80 earthquakes in the area, since Thursday (so, in the last 3 days).

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