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Dried Up Lake - Mantua

Discussion in 'Mantua' started by Chillout, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. I have lived in the province for quite a long time and understand that once Mantova had a 4th lake which dried up a number of years ago.

    As I visit Mantova frequently, I am still puzzled as to where the 4th lake actually was located.

    Anyone have an idea?
  2. From what I understand after a short Google search, there was indeed a fourth lake, Lake Pajolo, which dried up in the 18th century.
    So, until 200 years ago, there were 4 lakes that surrounded Mantua, like a ring of protection, something like that.

    It used to be something like this:


    Pretty cool :)

    The lake was artificial, from what I've read, and was created in the 12th century., and I think it dried up because of the siege of Mantua, back in 1796.
  3. Thanks Rosie for the image,that really helps me understand more about the dried up lake. It actually stretched further out than I imagined!

    It's quite amazing to see that Mantua was once a city of two islands.

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