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Do You Use Public Transportation?

Discussion in 'General Discussion About Italy' started by Adriano89, May 21, 2013.

  1. Due to the increasing amounts of traffic, especially in the major towns and cities, it seems that more and more people are opting to use public transport these days.

    With that in mind, and also the fact that the government are trying to increase peoples awareness of gloabl warming, public transport is becoming more and more a viable alternative.
  2. I think using your car or public transportation depends on where you are going. i would rather use public transportation when traveling around the city just to avoid the hassle of parking. But when going out to the country my car is best.
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  3. Not only that but when your venturing further afield then you'll often find that public transport isn't as readily available as it is in the cities.

    Reliability is also an issue and even when you do find a bus or train service they tend to turn up as and when they want and they can't be relied on.
  4. I don't think public transport is bad in Italy at all, on the islands it can be, but most cities and towns have a way to get around. Timetables do change and not everything is on time. You just get used to it, if a train or bus turns up great, otherwise just wait.

    It does help to understand Italian as many announcements are made over the PA system as many stations (old) won't have electronic boards, and even then, the PA system will always be more accurate. I remember a platform changed eight times for one train and I went back and forth and followed the others, and then made sure it was the right one. Usually all the passengers bond when a train or bus is late, and people will help you out.
  5. Yes. I don't have any personal means of transport but I am even pretty happy about that. I use subway most of all. 20 minutes and i am at the city center. No traffic jams and stuff. Pretty cheap.
  6. Using public transport in Italy I'd imagine would require a certain amount of knowledge of either the Italian language or the local geography, probably both.

    While the towns and cities might cater for various languages, the further into the country you go you may find that you'll struggle to read the timetables or travel guides, so that's something to be aware of.
  7. I do use public transport in my city. It is rather convenient and takes me wherever I need to go. If I were in Italy, I would use the public transport system too. I am sure they are efficient enough from what I have heard. They are also less expensive than private transport.
  8. I've never used it in Italy specifically, but here in my home country I use it pretty regularly. It's just convenient and takes the stress out of things like trying to find a car space and things like that!

    I think the best public transport system in the world is in Japan, though. I was amazed by their train network!!
  9. Using public transport is quite easy in tourist parts as they are geared up for it. Many locals are usually very helpful too and most places do have English translations or you can work out the times and places. You can go online and check train and bus timetables in any case these days.

    For people who use public transport they will find it easy, but those who drive everywhere, I think public transport would be a challenge anywhere in the world.
  10. I love the Italian Rail Network. In my opinion, it's one of the best rail networks out there. I really enjoyed the trian. The buses are also good for transport.
  11. I was thinking about this and if I go to Italy as a tourist I would probably walk around, rent a bicycle or something because I would be there to enjoy myself but if I would go there to work and live and especially in big cities like Milan, Rome or Naples I would most definitely use public transport at some point. I heard from some Italian friends that it isn't very well organized in some cities but you can't change much about that.
  12. Public transportation is very good in italian big cities but if you live in a small town it can be a bit problematic. I live in a small village, about 10 kilometers away from the city and the bus assigned to my route is often late and packed with people. I tend to walk on foot if I need to run some errands in nearby places but if I need to go to the city, I usually drive there. I can't really rely on public transportation so I would be lost without my car. I take the bus only if I don't have any viable alternatives.
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  13. I honestly think you would enjoy less of your time in another country if you just go to your car and drive around. With public transportation, you get to mingle with the locals, have conversations with your cab drivers, make small talk with people next to you on the train. I believe you would have a more memorable experience if you tried it. Don't only go to a place just for the sights, make sure to enjoy the people and their culture as well.
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  14. Yes, I use the public transport. I have got a wonderful car but it is of no use to me as the traffic in my city is very high. I need to reach to my office on time and that is why I use public transportation.
  15. I went to Rome a few weeks ago and took the high speed train from Bologna to Rome. Travelling at 300kmh really makes a difference and it only took about two hours to get to Rome. The only down side that I will mention since the introduction of the high speed services is the price. Unless you book early, the fares can be pretty high which is something that has never been an issue in the past.
  16. This is a very good point, using the public transportation we get the vibe from the country and from the cities we are visiting and for me that is very important as a part of the touristic experience, it's part of the culture. On the other had we want to go to places that are not very well served, we might as well rent a car and go to the places we want to visit on our own.
  17. I seldomly use public transportation since I am not always in the habit of going out. My company provides transportation for our to and fro everyday. So everyday I go to work it must be by the company bus so also when returning. Sold my last car loan last year and ever since then the few personal outings I make I use public transport.
  18. I am guessing you are living in Italy @tony?

    For me it's not that important to use the public transportation or not as long as I visit what I want, but at the same time using them and being in the middle of the locals has to be a really good experience because we end up understanding the country a little better and that is a part of the tourist experience too.
  19. You don't have to live in place permanently to know how life goes there @to7update . A visit for some time, friends or relatives experiences can give a good picture of what happens in another place.
    I agree with your point using the public cars can help mix up with locals and get to understand them more.
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  20. The public transportation that we used when we were in Italy was really top notch, and from all accounts that I have heard since it has not changed. I am pretty anything is really a step up from what we have here in the States, but still, it was very nice.

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