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Do You Use Public Transportation?

Discussion in 'General Discussion About Italy' started by Adriano89, May 21, 2013.

  1. I see that almost everyone owns a car here but many people use public transportation as well. Do you use it? Is it better to take the bus rather than your car?
  2. I would definitely use public transport if there was a decent service where I live. The sad fact is that unless you live on a major train route or in the city then public transport can be limited.

    I really hate driving, then trying to find somewhere to park etc...

    There is a very limited train service and the bus service is even worse. I suppose that is what you expect when living in a rural area. The strange thing is that I am not too far from at least 3 big cities but nothing seems to pass here.
  3. I have used buses in the past but then I bought myself a cheap car and now I drive. I love driving! I would drive to the bathroom if I could :p
  4. Ahaha, good one Linda!

    I personally prefer walking... I walk to work, I walk to the supermarket, I walk all the time! They say it's the secret to great feet :p

    Jokes aside, I rarely use public transportation. In fact, I think I last hopped on a bus was last year.

    Public transportation is great where I am now, compared to other cities where I hear it's chaos.
    The buses come right in time, they are never extra full, even if you don't find a seat you still don't have to worry about space.

    I can compare 2 cities though: Milan and Parma.
    In Milan, I traveled by metro. the metro stations in Milan are HUGE! But, they are very well organized and the metros come on time and there are maps everwhere etc.

    In Parma, there's total chaos. The buses are always full of students (especially in the morning), they never come in time and a few times it just so happened they have moved the bus station and I had no idea because there was no warning!
  5. I must quote "I would definitely use public transport if there was a decent service where I live. The sad fact is that unless you live on a major train route or in the city then public transport can be limited." personally I don't like too much the car, but I live out of the city so I've to use it daily to go to work.

    Anyway whenever possible I like to walk too ;)
  6. I walk when something is close enough, but for the most part I drive. It's just easier to get in the car and go. I never use transportation, but I would if I had to.
  7. I definitely prefer public transport over driving a vehicle. When we visited Rome last year, we actually thought of renting a car and driving around town. However, we changed our minds at the airport upon arrival. We bought The Roma Pass instead, and realized it was a lot quicker to get around with it. The Roma Pass Kit comes with the card we were able to use the entire time we were there, and a map to help guide us throughout the trip.
  8. I'm huge fan of the railway system and even though it takes a while to get used to schedules I think it's green and cheap way to travel. I love being able to travel and see the countryside and you get used to hearing ,'in ritado,'. In the South I used the buses more and they were always reliable, because for many small towns that was the main mode of transport.

    I think Italy has an affordable and mainly reliable public transport system compared to other countries.
  9. If I'm on holiday in Italy, in a city, we always choose to walk around, even quite a long way as it's the best way to get to know a city and Italians walk a lot anyway. I never like the idea of driving on holiday, so if travelling between cities, we always take the train or bus. I don't particularly enjoy driving anyway, I'd love to do without my car even at home, but I need it for work. I much prefer to travel by train, and the trains in Italy are fantastic, comfortable, reliable, informative, with lots of room to store luggage. Much better than our UK trains. The bus services I have used have been good too, we have used the buses in Tuscany and also airport shuttle buses.
  10. by the way can anyone tell me whether Trenitalia is a nationalised rail service or a private company?
  11. I am pretty sure Trenitalia is nationalised. The only private company that I am aware of is Italo (high speed company)
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  12. thanks chillout, I thought so. The trains are really excellent.
  13. If you live or are staying near one of the main train lines then it's a great way to get around. I live right in the centre of northern Italy and the train service is quite poor. Still it's a cheap way to get around!
  14. I guess I have mostly used trains in Italy between major cities, Florence to Venice and back, Florence to Milan, Turin to Florence and back, all with Trenitalia, all very fast, efficient and reliable. On the other hand, we once took a slow regional train from Florence to Siena and it took 90 minutes for 45km!
  15. Those are the type of trains that I have in my area!:oops:

    I do travel to Puglia a few times each year and often get the cuccetta (sleeping carriage ) The journey takes around 9 hours and leaves Bologna at 10pm. It's actually quite a good journey as you sleep through the night and wake up nice and fresh in the morning. (without loosing a days traveling)
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  16. I have used the trains all the times that I have visited and was impressed everytime. I found the service to be pretty quick and cheap - which was awesome! I have recommended the trains to a few friends that also visited Italy and they didn't mind the transportation either!
  17. Yes, you learn the 'Express' is really a local train and the joke is in Italy it's not express at all. The Intercity trains are faster, but more expensive. That's why working out the timetable and which train to get is key, some express trains don't stop everywhere and are faster. They are a lot cheaper though, so if time is not an issue they are good trains to get.

    The overnight trains are always popular as people run to get a carriage to themselves to sleep in. I did it a few times and once your ticket has been inspected you lock and barricade the door for safety.
  18. It all depends, when going to work , I would rather take my own car, but when touring I like to take the bus, so that I can enjoy the scenery and relax.
  19. I've been here in Milan, Italy since September to study at a university for this fall semester. Using the public transportation is a big change for me since I always get around by my car in the states. The public transportation here in Milan has its pros and cons. The benefits are that the student monthly card for the urban lines are fairly cheap, the tram, subway, and bus usually run regularly, and with the maps at each stop and station, its pretty easy to navigate around Milan. I also have used Italy's trains to travel twenty minutes to two hours to other cities such as Venice, Monza, and Florence. The trains that go outside of the perimeter of Italy are spacious and have bars in the back of them where you can buy snacks, food, and beverages. The downside of Milan's transportation is that sometimes the workers go on strike (for whatever reason) the buses and trams run slower. Another con is that at certain times the public transportation is so packed. To avoid all of that though, visitors can opt to use a car service called Enjoy or the Milan's public transportation bikes. Hope this helps :)
  20. I’ve used the public transportation in Italy. The bus system in Rome is pretty decent. It allows you to get around the city without having to drive which is a big bonus. From what I remember the buses ran pretty frequently. However, the transportation in the South was very unreliable. I remember waiting in a small southern Italian town for almost an hour and a half before the train came.

    Since it was almost 10 years ago there were no smart phones and I don’t remember there being and notice to let us know the trains were running late.

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