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Do You Know Your Neighbors?

Discussion in 'Legal, Utility And Property' started by Francesca, May 3, 2013.

  1. I know this may sound like a strange question, but do you actually know your neighbors? Do you ever talk to them?

    My neighbors are mostly elderly people who keep to themselves and, besides the "buon giorno", there's not much we say to each other. I even remember my friend being threatened by an old lady, he only wanted to ask if there's a key to the basement and the old lady threatened she'll call the police if he doesn't go away! Is this normal or are the elderly just scared of new people?
  2. Over a year ago I only knew my neighbors to say hello or good morning etc... Last year when we was hit by several big earthquakes I got to know them all very well as we were sleeping in tents, cooking on a BBQ almost every night.

    Everyone helped each other out which was really nice. Since then, we have kept a really good relationship with our neighbors.
  3. Oh my gosh, you were among the ones hit that bad? I'm so sorry! I'm glad to see you're doing OK now, I can't even imagine what a horrible experience that must have been for you and your family!
  4. I know my neighbors faces but I don't really know who they are.
    A friend of mine has had a weird experience with one of his neighbors and since then I prefer to keep my distance.

    He went to one of his neighbors (the apartment next to his) to ask for something, I can't remember what, the key to the basement or the roof... I can't remember.

    Anyway, he knocked at the lady's door and, even if they have seen each other on a daily basis, the neighbor didn't even open the door or said hi, she started to yell at him (from behind her door) and threatened to call the police if he did't go away.

    Strange right??
    I'm sure this is an isolated case, but I prefer not to meet anyone who threatens me like that so besides the polite "hello" I mind my own business.
  5. I live in an house with 4 apartment and we have a public BBQ.
    I'm friend with 2 of the family and "enemy" of the third :)

    So yes I know very well my neighbours
  6. I think it depends a lot by the city. Big cities you're a number, small cities everyone knows everything about everyone. In the south people a lil bit more open, in the north people a lil bit more "nordic", but it's of course quite stupid to talk in general... Me, I like to be a number, and choose by myself the people I wanna be friend with.
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  7. I prefer it that way too Patrizio, the only problem is that I must be the only British person living in my town.
  8. ...And I guess it's a small town! :D
    Once I went a month in Pizzoli, in Abruzzo. Very small, isolated on the hills. we were from Rome, the big city, so we were the big new for the place for the whole month. I quite hated it.
  9. It's a common problem Luca, there will always be someone or something to stop it from being perfect.

    Yes, I currently live in a small town, when I first moved here it seemed a bit boring at first, compared to my life back home in the big city.

    Now though, I actually prefer it. I have a good selection of big cities nearby.

    But the real thing that I miss is being able to go to the shops without bumping into someone from work. Not that I'm anti social, I just prefer to keep work separate from my personal life.

    I guess some people prefer not to be too close to their neighbours for the same reasons.
  10. Oh well, in general I'm satisfied of them, after all it's 2 good vs 1 bad neighbour ;)
  11. Where I live now, I don't even have any neighbors nearby. It's so great :D
    There's only one couple, living upstairs, they just moved in so I don't really know them, just their faces.
    As for the other ones, they practically live in another building so we never cross paths except when we come and go through the front door.
    The only 'real' neighbors I know are the people from the shop right under the apartment. We share a small courtyard, so we bump into each other a lot. They're nice people though, always smiling :)
  12. I'm usually the one to say hello to my fellas who live right beside me. Otherwise, it's kind of awkward to me. Going down inside a narrow elevator without saying a word to one another. What a shame!
  13. I do not think that I ever had real neigbours

    My parents live in a small field where we did not have any close neighbours, and when I moved out I was always living in various apartment complexes full of students. My neighbours moved in an out every other month so not really had a chance to get to know them.
  14. Growing up, it was a lot different than today. I knew all of our neighbors and we all gathered at each other's houses, whether it be sitting on each other's porches in the summer, or gathered for a cookout or party of some sort.:)

    Today I live in a much larger city and I am ashamed to say I have no clue who my neighbors are, other than the hello we give one another through passing. It seems as though everyone stays to themselves anymore. It's definitely not like the old days when everybody knew everybody.;)
  15. This is really interesting, and it makes me curious to see if there are any studies or anything about the differences in place in terms of this. I am betting that Italy might be higher than a lot of other countries, but I could be wrong.
  16. Not a good experience for a neighbour to be scared of another for no substantial reason. In my former villa I didn't know my villa mates too well everyone always indoors. Once in a while I'd pass someone climbing staircase and would think that's a neighbour. There wasn't any misunderstanding
  17. I know my neighbors as acquaintances. There is nothing more. It is quite sad. They are just not interested or interesting. It seems that I will never get to know their story or share a part of mine with them. They are very rude, always in a hurry, and quite selfish.
  18. I've always been a social guy until I found myself in a weird neighbourhood. It's in a place I won't mention :D. At first I was quiet until one neighbour found me doing my laundry and started a conversation. He found me so interesting that he even used to come to my house. Most of the time he ate my food, played games and even suggested to be left in the house when I was out to work or doing other activities. A simple courtesy gesture turned into a chance to be manipulated. He even brought his friends over, I just didn't like it at all. I finally moved from that place. I know a few of my neighbours but just to some extent.

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