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Do You Believe In Italy At Euro 2016?

Discussion in 'Italian Sport' started by artyarson, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. So, it starts pretty soon. Do you think this squad is strong enough to get to the final and win it?
  2. I think that the European championships this year is as open as its been in a long time. The domination of Spain seems to be over and even Germany have looked poor in the warm up games, so why not?

    There's no doubt that the Italian side as a lot of talent, so if they can gel and become a team then they have as much chance as the other nations.
  3. Unfortunately, superstrars like Andrea Pirlo didn't make it to the team. I guess his presence would affect the whole atmosphere inside the team in a very positive way. He's very experineced and pretty much one-of-a-kind player. However, I'm so glad that Buffon is still around and, probably, will be there for another couple of years.
  4. When talking about players like Pirlo and Buffon, there's no doubt that they have been very special players for Italy over the years, but at the same time it's now time to start blooding some youth into the team.

    England have the youngest side in this tournament, and so while they might not do well this time, they will be more experienced for the world cup next time, and that's somewhere that Italy might struggle with for the future.
  5. Well, I see the point and it actually makes sense. However, I still think they should have gotten Pirlo. He's 38 now, it's considered to be pretty old but not as being a fossil. On the other hand, there's a 22-year old player who never played for Italy. And I highly doubt he's going to play at Euro 2016 games. Sure, he will in the future If continues to do it well for Juventus. But, in my opinion, he should have gotten the first experience at the qualification stage.
  6. It still amazes me how Buffon continues to be part of the team, that's really a testament on how good he is. Granted, he is the goal keeper, but, nevertheless, 38 years is ancient for a player at this high level competition. He clearly is one of the bests if not the best goal keepers of all time.

    Notice how Pirlo was left out of the team and he is only 1 year younger.
  7. I'm very sad about Pirlo not being on the team, I've always liked his style and I think he's got talent, even at his "old" age. On the other hand I'm very glad that Buffon made the team, he is one of my favorite players of all times and no matter how old he is, he's a great goal keeper and he saved the day a lot of times in the past.
    I like to see younger players but I think they need a bit of time to adjust, playing on the national team is a big responsability and they aren't as used to it as some older and experienced players.
    Like Pwarbi said, the Championship is open this year, we will enjoy some good matches. I can't wait! :)
  8. Well, I doubt his age was the main issue. I guess it's because of his move to MLS. The American soccer league was never considered as something serious by Europeans.
  9. Also, I would say that keepers are more likely to play until 40. They don't need to run all the time. Sure, they have to be very vigilant but, let me say this again, they don't need to move that much.
  10. Pirlo making the move to MLS I think was the nail in the coffin for his chances to play for Italy again, as the move he made wasn't looked at too fondly by a lot of people.

    He was never going to play for ever though and he's chosen to spend the twighlight of his career making a bonus so he can retire with an extra few million in the bank and I'm sure we'd have all of done the same. That shouldn't have been in the equation though when it came to picking the squad. If he's considered still good enough, it shouldn't matter where he plays.
  11. upload_2016-6-8_22-48-39.png

    In my opinion, this line-up lacks Pirlo as hell. He should have been there right in the center.
  12. I think anything less than the semi-final place will be seen as a failure as far as Italy is concerned but at the same time there is a lot of strong teams in the championship this time.

    German, Spain, France and even England are coming into the finals with the same semi-final ambitions, so one team is going to have to miss out.

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