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CUD Italian Employment Tax Document

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Veronese, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. CUD Italian Employment Tax Document

    Ok, so i received my CUD forms for the year 2006 and just wondering exactly can i claim tax back on.

    Anyone have any experiences with this document?
  2. I know nothing about tax (not in Italy, never did in the UK either!) but one universal truth was that I always thought I owed the taxman more than my accountant thought I owed the taxman!

    It might seem like overkill, but ask your Italian colleagues at work if they use a commercialista. One big culture shock to me when I arrived was that even "normal families" felt the need to consult a commercialista at every potential financial hurdle - like buying insurance, opening a bank account, signing an electricity contract etc. there are a lot of shark commercialistas preying on this trade, but also some genuine folk. For sure your colleagues won't think you are daft asking them what they do!
  3. Hello.
    from where did you get the CUD Italian Employment Tax Document ?
  4. The CUD is issued by your employer so they will provide you with it. Remember that if you have had two different jobs in the previous year, you will receive one from each employer.

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