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Comparing UK to Italy In regards of Employment

Discussion in 'Employment' started by simone, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. Comparing UK to Italy In regards of Employment

    Comparing UK to Italy In regards of Employment

    Below are just some thoughts of mine comparing working in the United Kingdom and Italy.

    In general work is very hard to find in Italy and you are more likely to be offered a job through someone that you know than the qualifications on your cv but your qualifications and experience will be taken into consideration.

    Some things that i did notice about Italy was the way that many companies get away with age discrimation and sex discrimation when it comes to seeking employment. To back up my claim just have a look in any employment agency window and it wont be long before you see an advertisment such as 'looking for female 18 – 30 years old to fill this position' This is something you wont see in the Uk
    Sometimes they will also ask to attach a photo on your CV

    Health and Safety
    Italy has many health and safety laws just like the uk but many are never enforced or should i say there seems to be lack of control by the government which makes many companies to take short cuts.
    Example: Just do a search for workplace deaths in Italy and im sure you'll see what i'm talking about. Also remember that many italians in the south work in 'Nero' (no contract, no rights etc...)

    Wages – Wages are much lower in Italy compared to the UK . However, all companies usually pay a 13 month pay check and some even pay a 14th month too so you should take this into consideration.

    Tax Tax will be the biggest thing i'll complain about in Italy. I work for an Italian company and they pay my taxes automatically (Like PAYE in the UK)
    Each month in addition to the normal goverment tax (IVA or VAT in the UK) they deduct regional tax and comune tax which has increased over the last few years since the government so called scrapped the ICI (Homeowners tax)

    Sick Pay and Infortunio

    Depending on what type of employment contract you have sick pay is usually paid at 100% for a limited time. A doctors certicifate is required to cover the period of time you are off work and sometimes IMPS Doctors will call upon your home address to check that you are really sick and at home during the official hours stated on the certificate.

    Infortunio is injury obtained at work which usually also includeds half hour before you start and finish work. (travel time) Basically if you are injured tralleling to and from or are on work premises and you are injured then you should report this as Infortunio and not sickness. Infortunio is paid 100% and you are not required to stay at home during the official visit hours by IMPS
    Work Hours -
    A normal working week is 40 Hours. Depending on the type of work you do those 40 hours can be divided even to 2 shifts a day. For example. Many shops close at midday for lunch so a shop assistant will probably work 9-12 and then 15.30 to 1930 (Shop hours change region per region)

    Unemployment Benefit

    There is a massive difference between the UK and Italy in regards to Unemployment benefit.

    1) To claim unemployment benefit in Italy you must have proof that you have paid at least 2 years contributions in an eu state. (Keep all payslips as Proof)
    2) Unemployment benefit is paid once per year. At the begining of the following year.
    For example: If you was unemployed from June – December in 2009 you will have to wait until January 2010 before you can apply for unemployment benefit for 2009!
    3) You can usually only claim a maxium of 6 months unemployment benefit for each year and you must of worked at least 3 months of the year that you are applying for.
  2. Re: Comparing UK to Italy In regards of Employment

    You are absolutely right that there is the massive difference between the UK and Italy in regards to employment. And I should like to admit that in my opinion the most disturbing sign is that that the wage in Italy is much lower for the same work in comparison with wages in Germany and UK.
  3. Re: Comparing UK to Italy In regards of Employment

    I think that the wages seem low because we pay far too much income tax.
  4. Re: Comparing UK to Italy In regards of Employment

    I must admit, after looking briefly at that post , that the unemployment benefit laws look a lot tougher than over in the UK. If you are an Italian schoolleaver who can't find work , does this mean that - as you haven't paid in to the system - that you are entitled to nothing at all ?
  5. Yes, from my knowledge that is a correct. You must of paid at least two years of tax in any European country (and have proof - payslips etc) before you can claim unemployment benefit.

    And even then, you can only claim a maximum of 6 months per year!
  6. I agree, add to that they are also the lowest paid in Europe and get the least back from the government. I'm amazed that people are able to create a business in that environment.

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