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Check Out The Italian Car Collector Luciano Rupolo!

Discussion in 'General Discussion About Italy' started by sallymarie, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. That's super cool. He seems like an interesting man with lots of stories to tell.
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  2. That's a good video, he's an interesting character isn't he!

    As for the cars, well I'm also a massive car fanatic and that really is some collection he's got there.

    I've never even owned a Fiat never mind a Ferrari.
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  3. Italy is known for its famous and fast cars. So, this video is very cool to check out. It's quite a nice collection from classic to new. I love checking out high end cars, even though I cant really own one at the momment. We can always dream and hope.
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  4. Well as soon as anybody mentions Ferrari then your going to immediately think of Italy. The prancing horse badge is probably one of the most famous badges in the world.

    And that's not forgetting of course Lamborghini aswell...The raging bull.

    Sadly, I don't own either and I highly doubt I ever will!
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  5. Nope. I do not own one of these cars, either.
    I do have an antique Cadillac. Alas, American made.
    But have to admit, it is a thrill to get a glimpse into videos like this one.
    It was so down to earth, I watched it a couple of times.
    I might watch it again.
    An interesting individual, indeed!
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  6. I have to admit, I watched it a couple of times aswell!

    And we never know, maybe one day well be being interviewed about our collection of classic Italian cars.

    Would you sell or keep the caddy aswell though? Ha!
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