Cattedrale Vegetale (the Tree Cathedral)


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Apr 6, 2013
There is this small town in Italy, called Oltre il Colle, it's in the province of Bergamo and, well... close by there's the most amazing thing!

There was this Italian artist, his name was Giuliano Mauri, who had this amazing idea of building a Cathedral made out of trees. It's not the first one in history, he himself build his first tree cathedral in 2002, in another part of Italy (in Valsugana, somewhere in the Trentino Alto Adige region) and another one was build in England, in 1932 (but the ones built by Giuliano Mauri are nicer :D).

OK, now, I'm not really sure what happened to the Tree Cathedral built 12 years ago, I'm guessing it's still there, it's made out of trees, it must still be around. But this one was built recently and it's so close to Bergamo (less than 100 miles away)! So this one I have to see :D

Here's a link with some pretty pictures.