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Castle Tyrol

Discussion in 'Bolzano' started by Aurelia, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. Another one of the gems of this region and a remnant of the ancient past as early as the 11th century, deep into the Middle Ages, Castle Tyrol epithomises the beauty of the olde.

    The very castle hill has been inhabited since ancient times - from the antiquity itself, with a nearby church dating from the early Christian period, even before the medieval times. The castle, though, was built sometime before AD1100, but the first improvements were done through 12th and then the 13th centuries under Count of Tyrol (one of the reasons why the region is called Tyrol). It also used to be the seat of Tyrol's sovereigns.

    It is very important for art history, and can be admired for the frescos of the castle's chapel, which are of special interest to the arts, as well as two Romanesque portals with marble sculptures showing legendary creatures, religious themes, and geometric ornaments - these Romanesque features show that the majority of the castle was built in this period.

    There's a museum of history in the castle now, and a falconry nearby. I bet it would be very interesting to see this part of the past - falconry used to be very common and birds of prey were admired and trained to help in hunt. This is one of the reasons why Castle Tyrol is especially popular among the tourists and a very interesting location to see.
  2. A very interesting read, it sounds like a fantastic place that I'd love to visit some day, I just felt your post lacked an image to accompany it so here it is:

  3. Wow, this one is incredible. Thank you so much!!

    I would have attached one but... I don't know how, so I just left it without one and hoped that one of you would be kind enough to help out.. and I was right! :D
    How do you attach an image? I tried, but something went wrong. There's no ''upload a file'' option when I'm writing a post, only a reply, like now. It's really annoying...

    By the way, did you think that these blue dots were waves? The sea? I did! I just realied they were houses! Of course - my thinking (or rather, the lack of it), Tyrol is in the north...
  4. I would love to go there. I've always been fascinated by the middle ages, everything from its warfare to the every days lives of its peasants. The view from the castle looks absolutely stunning.
  5. You as well :D I am also fascinated with this period. It's one of my favourites (which was probably obvious, seeing how I wrote a few threads about castles...). I also love the Renaissance period, especially the English and the Italian Renaissance. I would love visiting this one as well!! Especially this one! Of all the castles I'd written about, I like this one the most.
  6. Tyrol has such a violent history as well which only adds to the history. First the Habsburgs then Napoleon, then the Habsburgs again... Its location on the border of Italy and Austria has made it one of the more significant areas in the region militarily. To find a castle in such magnificent condition is almost mind boggling.
  7. I knooooow!! But all of those periods can be ''felt'' now. You just have them all in the region, it's fascinating. I have always dreamed about seeing Habsburg castles. And cities. They look so perfect on the photos. The architecture is... stunning. More than stunning. I really wish I could visit this one. However, the period when it was built and onwards probably wasn't a good one to live in.. or a safe one :eek:

    It makes you wonder how the people managed to even live...

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